STEVE HACKETT - North American Tour 2019

  • Here the M&G were sold as part of the ticket price, not separately, through one of the major ticket agencies, and hubby just refused to consider it. The VIP package which is listed on the right of the Australian tour page is the M&G package. I see what you are saying about other tours but that doesn't seem to apply to us. I can't do anything about it anyway as we already have our tickets.

    I see - I'm very sorry to hear that. :(

    Well, I hope you get the opportunity somehow to get a meet-and-greet belatedly. I will send such positive vibes your way! :)

  • of my first show on the last page.

    My second is tomorrow! 8) (There are rumors of a third - stay tuned...)

  • A few words now - more later...

    The show in Philly tonight was as good as the show I saw in Ithaca two weeks ago. They are really tight as a performing unit now.

    An added bonus! It was Jo’s (i.e., Steve’s wife’s) birthday tonight (technically, last night). She was invited on stage and given a bouquet of flowers, a card, and a cake - and, of course, we all serenaded her with “Happy Birthday”. It was a truly wonderful occasion. :thumbup:

    More after I have rested...

  • Steve's blog has a nice update of two of the shows I saw (Saturday show at the Keswick (Philly area) and Munhall (i.e., Pittsburgh)) - nice photos here:

    The Munhall show was extra energetic from the band. If I had to guess, having a couple days off really revitalized them. Nad came out to talk to the people lined up for the Meet-and-Greet - he was cold inside the venue and it was very warm outside. He even posed with people for pictures who asked. I wish I had known he was coming out - I brought the Unifaun CD booklet to be signed potentially by him at the Ithaca show, but only Steve came out for us there. Oh well... The venue was gorgeous. I'd go there again despite the drive (the State Theater in Ithaca, NY too).

    The Keswick show was just euphoric - all the Philly area shows, whether at the Keswick or across the river at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ, are always mass celebrations of Genesis love and fandom - The Musical Box's shows in the area generate a very similar enthusiastic reaction too.

    I don't know how many more of these tours he will have, but I have been grateful for every one of them. I think he'll probably continue until at least 2021 in any case (45th anniversary of ATOTT, 50th of "Nursery Cryme"). Next year may be a more Steve-centric touring year (40th anniversary of "Defector"), but I'm already looking forward to any future Genesis Revisited that come along.