Your Favorite Genesis Covers

  • Been seeing some really great Genesis covers on YouTube. Which are your favorites? Here are a some of mine (I'm only including those that don't include any former Genesis members):

  • I listened to the Geneses, Lettieri Down & Out, Stone Key and Hydria ones. I'm not really interested in ones that are essentially tribute acts, I'm more intrigued by bands that do their own thing but might throw in a cover, and even then I find it frustrating when they just do a straight, faithful cover. What's the point of that? I like a cover to be something that retains the spirit of the original, but enables the cover artist to put their individual stamp on it, or goes even further and takes a starkly different approach. I don't really want to hear a faithful recreation. For that reason, Hydria's Entangled was at least interesting in their heavy interpretation of the 'chorus' sections but they wimped out otherwise, just sticking to the original. (Their singer is very cute). Stone Key's choice of MFM was interesting, and hearing it in a soulful female voice was good, and showed there are things that can be coaxed out of a minimalist song that I've always liked but which is often dismissed by Genesis fans.

    Building on the heavy metal Entangled, aren't there any more radical covers of Genesis than these out there? No minimalist electro-pop versions of Firth of Fifth? An industrial death metal Mad Man Moon? A dub reggae Follow You Follow Me? Katy Perry doing Invisible Touch or Lady Gaga giving us her Turn It On Again? Or is it the case, as I've long suspected it is, that outside the mega-faithful note-perfect tribute acts, bands just aren't interested in doing Genesis covers?

    Abandon all reason

  • I agree that cover versions are most interesting when they bring something different to the song. I am impressed by the many musicians out there who can faithfully recreate the song. They have great skill and musicianship. But I mostly want to hear covers that take the song somewhere new.

    I like this country version of That's All by Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and Union Station:

    This acoustic version of I Can't Dance sounds quite good, even if the video is a little silly:

    This a capella version of Throwing It All Away is pretty good:

  • Thanks Dr. John those are much more what I look for in a cover. I always thought That's All was crying out to be covered. The I Can't Dance one is spoiled a bit by the guy behind that lovely couch overdoing the attempted comedy, it would have been much more effective if he'd just kept to the hands coming up to ting the glass. But it's a pretty good version.

    I've also often thought Throwing It All Away was ripe for covering. Who is the a capella guy? (I'm assuming they're all the same bloke).

    Abandon all reason

  • There's a few other covers of That's All out there. One is sort of bluegrass. Another is old-timey jazz, with baritone and clarinet.

    I don't know who the a capella guy is. Yes, it is all the same person (wearing "disguises" to look like different people).