The Great Tiger Moth Air Race

  • In July 1979 the BBC broadcast 'The Great Tiger Moth Air Race' a documentary about a Tiger Moth Rally/Race held in June that year. At that time I wasn't to know that less than three months later I would start work at the Hatfield factory, featured at the start of the race.

    I missed the start of the program, but saw most of it and remember being impressed when 'Spectral Mornings'was used a background music for a flying sequence.
    What I did't realise was that 'All in a Mouse's Night' was also used at the very start of the program!

    At last, someone has posted a copy of the program on YouTube, albeit in low-res. The sequence featuring 'Spectral Mornings' starts at the 40:30 mark…PZAVF5vRstKFu2CmIrQ3m23CY