Lying Crying Dying

  • I'm reading Phil's autobiography right now and am reading about the first song he ever wrote, LCD, when in a band called Hickory later Flaming Youth.

    1. I looked it up, it's out there and it's actually good.

    2. Every piece of information about this song has it as recorded by The Freehold, the band he says he left to form Hickory. Nothing at all about Hickory. Sure Phil knows when and how he wrote his first song it's not something you'd get mixed up about, so does anyone know what's going on, why this misinformation is seems so prevalent and unquestioned?

  • I think he might well be getting it mixed up. Don't underestimate the capacity for confusion or memory-error of a former alcoholic workaholic who's led a full and busy life across a 50+ years career when recounting a detail from the very start of that period.

    Abandon all reason

  • I thought of that but he was very clear when retelling the writing and recording

    I also thought that even taking into account health issues the very first song and recording session would be pretty well imprinted into anyone's mind.

  • Don't forget, Phil also had some help in writing the book, not only with the editing but also in clarifying when certain events took place. Nothing to do with health issues, just a question of leading such a busy life!

  • it certainly seems like it was The Freehold that did it. I was wondering whether it was one of those situations where a mistake was made on some website somewhere and everyone has picked up on that same mistake creating an urban myth. Can't think of other examples but it has happened a lot.