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  • The aforementioned Guy Garvey played I Know What I Like on his 6Music show today, which was put together partly via a random flip through his vinyl collection.

    How odd he happened to stumble upon that, as opposed to his copy of CAS (for instance; knowing what a massive Genesis fan he claims to be).

  • Again, sorry if I missed it already being posted but in case they haven't, as per above here are the 'raw' interview sequences for the 5-piece-in-the-same-room segments of Sum. If you can bear to watch them.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

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  • This is a really tenuous one: listening to an episode of Chris Difford's excellent podcast I Never Thought It Would Happen, in which he interviews musicians (including Mike Rutherford), he interviewed Sharon Corr who cites Genesis as a big part of the music she remembers from her childhood.

    Look I said it was tenuous okay!

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  • Genesis topped the Forbes list of the highest-paid entertainers of 2022 on the strength of their farewell trek, “The Last Domino? Tour,” while Taylor Swift, the only female entertainer in the top 10, had a massive year even without even hitting the road.

    Forbes estimates that Genesis earned $230 million last year, both from the farewell tour and individual income streams like royalties from Phil Collins’ solo banger, “In the Air Tonight.” Sting came in second place with $210 million, powered largely by the sale of his catalog to Universal Music Group.…or-swift-highest-earning/

    Genesis also sold their catalog as well but not mentioned, so did they actually make even more?

  • I find that pretty incredible. The list includes actors and tv creators too. It wasn't even a stadium tour but maybe the margin on those is less even if the attendance is greater?

    Anyway to see them top an earnings list that includes Taylor Swift among others is remarkable (to me, a person with zero insight into the economy of the entertainment industry).

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    The article on the Forbes website attributes the sale of their catalog as the main reason for Genesis topping the list.


    That' no surprise. They only did 14 shows in 2022 - and with only 14 shows they even earned 27 Million. But those earning would not be anywhere near the top spot if they didn't sell their rights ...

  • Hackett and other prog luminaries explain the importance of Sgt Pepper in the development of progressive rock in this Louder Sound piece.

    Thank you for posting that, because the opinions expressed by the musicians in the story corroborate to a degree my opinion that Progressive Rock was the next logical step in popular music after Psychedelia. This, of course, is also why I scratch my head over critical opinions of each movement - i.e., music critics were widely accepting of Psychedelia, and yet they also widely panned Progressive Rock. I never understood the disconnect.

    One band that shows that one movement could come out of the other is Yes. Their self-titled debut album is quite psychedelic-sounding; they didn’t reach their progressive selves until their third album, “The Yes Album” (with “Time and a Word” being a transitional album in between). This transition is even true for Genesis between their debut album and “Trespass” - the debut has quite a few psychedelic moments; the follow-up is prototype-progressive. Pink Floyd, obviously, is another example, although their transition to what might be considered “progressive” took a little longer.

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