And Then There Were Three - Thoughts?

  • Earlier that year however, he had left for Vancouver, his tenure with the band was on very shaky ground, to the point that he said in other interviews that he had basically left the band or he was ready to do so, unless the others could find a way to make it work with him in Canada.

    Seems you're having trouble with your timeline, Fabrizio. All of this happened after And Then There Were Three.

  • Yeah I think we're essentially talking about 1979. TB & MR took the chance to do their albums while PC sorted himself out.

    And yet it was that very moment of crisis that saved the band. From that point on, they used the sime between Genesis albums to let off steam with solo projects and Phil, having found a woman who was happy to join him on tours, was free to work as often and as hard as he wanted. And boy, did he!