How to start collecting Genesis

  • Hi, while I enjoyed Genesis' later works in the 80's/90's, I never really got into the band as a superfan until a couple years ago, when Cherry Red Records released a couple Tony Banks albums and they piqued my interest. Next thing I know, i'm diving head first into their entire collection of works, which then led me into all the solo works. I've been using my Spotify subscription to listen to as much as possible, but now want to start buying everything. I started by buying the two Tony Banks remasters form Cherry Red. I love the 5.1 mixes by the way. I have 5.1 in my car, so I can listen to those releases in glorious 6 channels. I learned that all the Genesis albums were remastered as well (by the same guy that did Tony Banks' first two albums, right?). BUT, I don't see those albums on sale anywhere. I guess I was too late to the party. Does anyone know the state of those albums? Are they still in production? What is the best way to purchase them if I want a) the best mixes; b) 5.1 mixes, c) all the b-sides. And does anyone know or expect there to be another release wave of their music in the near future? Should I hold out for a 50th anniversary edition of their albums? (NOTE: I'm willing to spend the money to get the best stuff - for example, I just went all in on "Toto" and bought remastered versions of most of their albums in a $500 box set - 13 albums and 17 LPs - so i'm not afraid to spend the $$$). Any assistance/ recommendations would be much appreciated.

  • JW, sadly you are late to the party... The Box sets were released from 2006 until 2010, Nick Davis did all of the Surround sound mixes and the stereo mix downs.

    In the USA those box sets were released as CD / DVD - A and in Europe as SACD (Multi Channel hybrid) and DVD - A.…76-to-1982-boxset-review/…83-to-1998-boxset-review/…70-to-1975-boxset-review/…nesis-live-boxset-review/

    Sadly, these are no longer on sale. The only outlets are either Ebay or Amazon... on both of these you'll be looking to pay crazy prices by those who have one or two left in stock or by someone who has opened theirs.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

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  • Thanks Mark. Nick Davis. That's the name of the guy who did the first two Tony Banks remasters.

    Does anyone think Genesis will "go to the well" one more time and try to release everything again? Seems like that is a "thing", except when i need it to be. :|

  • @ JW, the record company tried to release the albums again... they trialled demand by releasing Selling England By The Pound on Blu Ray audio (no visual materials or interview). Sadly it did not sell a lot, the audio mix was the same as the SACD / DVD - A and so people didn't buy it, it was not that well promoted either.

    So this might dash any hopes of another release series or release project.

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  • Oh Wow. Blu-Ray Audio. That would have been the perfect mechanism too. New format and everything. I will at least go buy it (even if it's too late) just have that excellent album.

  • The Nick Davis mixes are definitely the way to go. You say you've got cash to throw around so you won't object to the ridiculous prices being offered on eBay :)

    The earlier back you go with the mixes, the better they sound. They really only did the albums from 83 to 97 for completeness because those albums already sounded the way the band wanted them too. You'll notice little differences, though: more vocals during the closing section of Since I Lost You and Anything She Does, extra percussion on Hearts On Fire and some nice effects on On The Shoreline.

    Nick also remixed the live albums and they are significant improvement over the original mixes. Seconds Out really shines but the standout is The Way We Walk.

    I have the 1994 remasters (definitely an improvement over the original mixes) and the Nick Davies remixes of all the studio and live albums. It's nice to compare the two but, on the whole, I prefer the Nick Davis mixes.

  • The main point of my question was whether or not the band might be repackaging any of those remixes anytime soon. I'd love it if they did something like what Toto is doing this year. They remastered practically the whole catalog and are selling it all in one big purchase.

    PS: on my comment on spending $$$. I'm not rich. It's just that i'd rather live in a shack in the woods, and have the very best music to listen to, in it's best format! :)

  • I can't see the band repackaging their stuff again. In a recent interview Tony said that both he and Phil always vote it down whenever the record company suggest it. Unlike some bands, Genesis don't believe in repackaging the same stuff ad nauseum and they've never gone down the road of adding "newly discovered bonus tracks" decades after the event. Nick Davis is on record as saying that the new mixes are the definitive versions of the albums.

    What is a shame is that the box sets in which they were released are no longer being produced. Although the mixes have been released individually, the box sets each contained bonus discs of the B-sides in new mixes

  • Agreed. If they aren't going to re-release, at least keep the box sets in print for new fans (like me!) :|

    I'll echo what many said above - the boxsets are really good. The "Live" and the "Movie" boxsets are easily obtainable on Amazon. You'll have to purchase "When In Rome" separately, but if I were a betting person, I bet you already have that (they still need to put that out on BluRay, though). If you want the other three studio boxsets, eBay is the way to go. For reasons I won't go into here, I became separated from my boxsets and I was able to replace them all on eBay and Amazon in less than a month start to finish.

    If you have a player which plays SACDs, you'll want the UK/European or Asian versions. If you don't have an SACD player and you're quite content with CDs and DVD-Audio, the North American sets will do the trick. (If you are thinking about the import versions, know that, unless you have a region-free DVD player, you won't be able to play the DVDs here. As you may have figured out, I have a player that will play both SACDs and imported DVDs - if you ever want information for such a player, just send me a PM - that goes for anyone else too! ^^

    But, yes, great info above - I concur with all of it.

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • My Blu-ray player plays SACDs but I have yet to work out how! I usually content myself with putting on the DVDs (usually when I'm doing the cleaning!) or, for the car, I've made copies of the CDs (because there's no way I'm putting my prized CDs in the car!).

  • My Blu-ray player plays SACDs but I have yet to work out how! I usually content myself with putting on the DVDs (usually when I'm doing the cleaning!) or, for the car, I've made copies of the CDs (because there's no way I'm putting my prized CDs in the car!).

    It should just play SACDs automatically when you put them in the player - I'm assuming it does not then?

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • The SACD's are hybrids, they would at worst play the CD stereo layer. But for that SACD Multi Channel (5.1) you would need a compatible player to unlock the Hi res SACD layers and then an AMP with 6 channels plus 5 speakers and a sub woofer.

    Hope that helps



  • Thanks, Mark. It is a compatible player. And it's outputting to a 7.1 system (it will accommodate 7.2 but, really, who needs two subwoofers?!) but on hearing it, it only seems to be playing the CD layer. I've only tried once because I much prefer the 5.1 DTS mix on the DVDs.

  • I have DVD-AUDIO in my car (as well as DTS CD, I think). It can play 5.1 audio. I will often purchase an album with a 5.1 mix and then through various software programs I have bought, somehow get the 5.1 mix onto a DVD-AUDIO disc (I use Cirlinca HD-Audio Solo Ultra to burn the 5.1 mix to DVD+/-R). They sound so good in my car's 5.1 system (which by the way, they don't make these as much anymore to the point where I may never sell my 2011 Acura TSX because I love the sound system that much!). So if I bought the Genesis remasters, I would make sure to get the ones with 5.1 mixes included so I could do the same. I hate the thought of going on ebay, spending a fortune, and then find out Genesis has a plan to release the entire catalog in one massive box set this Christmas! :|

  • @ jwckauman, the Genesis remix project saw the whole catalogue released as FIVE Boxsets totalling close to £500, so forgive me for thinking they would repeat that exercise as one huge boxset with the surround mixes in there. The Record company trialled Blu Ray Audio with Selling England, in my opinion too soon after the Boxsets and with no additional material, certainly with no promotion by the band. After disappointing sales the Blu Ray Audio project was aborted, that said it took the mixes that Genesis have in storage now from 2006 through to 2010. So sonically there was nothing to gain.

    All vinyl remasters since 2006, come from stereo mix downs from this era as well.

    Hope that helps,



  • I bought the five boxed sets in December, I got lucky and found someone selling them all in great condition for about 1100 dollars. I put myself on a payment plan and just about have them paid off. They are quite amazing. They are the SACD hybrids. I wish I had a 5.1 system to listen to them at full sonic capacity. Does anyone know the best 5.1 system to purchase at a reasonable price? I have no idea what I would be looking for.

  • I used to collect a lot and my advice is: Either never start collecting or limit yourself to a special subject, like posters, promos, cardsleeves, touring passes whatever. But: You will never get everything.

  • I just searched for those box sets, out of curiosity. The baseline seems to be $2500 for a set of 5 in "very good" condition. I found individual ones going for $850. I find it pretty unbelievable that these things are out of print, but maybe there's a good reason for it.

    I got them all originally when they came out but they haven't been in my possession for years, they're stored at my parents house. I feel like they're entering the realm of something that could pay for my kids college someday! I better get them back asap!