TotW 03/18/2019 - 03/24/2019: STEVE HACKETT - The Steppes

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    STEVE HACKETT - The Steppes
    Year: 1980
    Album: Defector
    Working title: unknown
    Credits: Hackett
    Lyrics: None
    Length: 6:47 (Tokyo Tapes)
    Musicians: (tba)
    Played Live: (tba)
    Cover versions: none

    Notes: The bass guitar sticks under the notes of this piece like heavy clay, while the keyboards and the guitar imitate the endlessly waving hills of The Steppes. The track is so popular that Hackett keeps publishing it on live albums. Our Track Of The Week takes you into The Steppes.

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    ...cried a voice in the crowd.

  • If there is one SH song that seemed to attract the attention of non-Genesis fans, I would suggest it is this one.

    I remember, around the time this album came out, being surprised at finding Defector in the music collections of some of my friends who weren’t necessarily great followers of Genesis. And it was always the same story: They heard The Steppes or the full album at a party and ended up going out and buying that album.

    I find the track hypnotic and compelling, it is one of my favourite SH songs, so I can certainly appreciate why people would be drawn to it.

  • Didn't he appropriate part of this when he over-dubbed his playing on Fly On A Windshield on the first Archive Box Set?

    I voted 'outstanding'. I like a lot of the Defector album and this track is definitely a highlight.

  • Love The Steppes - yet another exhibit in favour of that argument made famous by Frank Zappa: Steve, shut the **** up and play yer guitar :P;)


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  • Didn't he appropriate part of this when he over-dubbed his playing on Fly On A Windshield on the first Archive Box Set?

    Yes, I believe that's correct.

    The box set's performance of "Slippermen" also has a snippet (in the "Chinese" intro) of what later became "Rebecca."

    The Seat Bunny!

  • Clearly one of his absolute best. I love the combinaton of both sparse, yet also quite lush at times. It has a sort of dark, barren, windswept feel that evokes the title, punctuated by nice keyboard textures but retaining that key chilliness.

    I first heard it played live at Hammersmith Odeon in July 1980, about midway through the show. I didn't have the album yet so it was all new to me. I was mainly very taken with the rumbling bass pedal that seemed to make the whole auditorium vibrate.

    Abandon all reason

  • One of his finest, I must say. I rediscovered this one only a few years ago and I am very pleased every time I hear that live. Same with Hierophant. 13 Points for The Steppes.