#ThrowbackThursday [28/03/19] - PETER GABRIEL: Show by show review | Encore Series 2013

  • Back in 2013, Peter Gabriel was touring Europe with his Back To Front Tour.

    Every show was released as a soundboard 2CD via TheMusic.com - The Encore Series.

    Back then, we did a show-by-show review of this Encore Series.

    I do remember the listening sessions, trying to pick up the details of every show. It was fun, but also hard work.

    Here it is:





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  • Nice summary of the show I saw from this tour - I saw the tour finale in Manchester, UK. You described the recording of it well too. :thumbup:

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • I never had the readies to buy the Encore series (being something of a completist, I wouldn't have been able to just buy one or two of these; I'd have had to get the whole lot) but reading the review is very informative and entertaining.