What if... they did a tour with a setlist with 1 song from every album?

  • What if... they (B-C-R with S&T) did a tour with a setlist with 1 song from every album? And it wouldn't be a hit-show... so ..... your ideal setlist would like... Keeping in mind songs they've already done live with maybe some surprises... Having a gig you won't ever forget ;)

    (I leave FGTR and CAS apart)

    1. Trespass - The Knife

    2. NC - Fountain of Salmacis

    3. Foxtrot - Supper's ready

    4. SEBTP - The Cinema Show

    5. TLLDOB - Title track

    6. ATOFTT - Squonk

    7. W&W - One for the vine

    8. ATTWT - The lady lies

    9. Duke - Duchess

    10. Abacab - Keep it dark

    11. Genesis - It's gonna get better

    12. IT - Tonight x3

    13. WCD - Fading Lights

    Encore: Inside & Out

    Final: Do the neurotic

    What are your thoughts??

  • 1. Stagnation

    2. Fountain of Salmacis

    3. Suppers Ready

    4. Cinema Show

    5. In the cage

    6. Entangled

    7. Blood on the rooftops

    8. Snowbound

    9. Turn it on again.

    10. Like it or not

    11. It's gonna get better.

    12. Domino

    13. Driving the last Spike.

    14. There must be some other way.

  • It's an interesting fantasy exercise but the idea of them playing the songs chronologically isn't good. My imaginary set list would mix them up as follows. Nic Collins doubles up on drums as appropriate and PC gets a bit of rest with a Wilson guest spot, an interval and an instrumental.





    It's Gonna

    There Must Be (guest appearance Ray Wilson)

    Carpet Crawlers (RW briefly re-enters to take a verse then share final section)

    (brief interval)


    Fading Lights


    Musical Box

    Duke's Travels

    (segue as per TIOA tour)


    encore: Knife

    Abandon all reason

  • I'm not going to try & put it in a realistic set order.

    Looking For Someone

    The Musical Box

    Supper's Ready

    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

    Carpet Crawlers


    Blood On The Rooftops

    Follow You Follow Me

    Turn It On Again


    Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea

    Throwing It All Away

    I Can't Dance


    You might say - well, those are a lot of their best known songs. That's true. They are also particular favourites of mine. ICD is not my favourite from that album but it would lighten the mood, and as for TIAA now I've seen Phil do it, I see it as a crowd pleaser.

  • I have chose some rather unusual tracks - that I want to hear live. And I have included the EPs ...

    The Conqueror


    Seven Stones

    Get'em Out By Friday

    Firth Of Fifth

    The Waiting Room

    Mad Man Moon

    Blood On The Rooftops

    Inside And Out

    Deep In The Motherlode


    Like It Or Not

    You Might Recall

    Just A Job To Do

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Living Forever

    The Dividing Line

  • There are a few I really dislike there but some good ones and major kudos for including The Waiting Room.

    Abandon all reason

  • This is such a fantasy, so I will indulge. I am skipping FGTR because I have no interest in hearing one of the tracks live.

    Dance on a Volcano

    The Musical Box

    The Dividing Line

    Firth of Fifth

    Blood on the Rooftops

    Silver Rainbow

    Down and Out


    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway



    The Knife

    Supper's Ready


    Fading Lights

  • ok, let's see ....

    The Silent Sun


    Calling All Stations

    The Brazilian

    White Mountain

    Me And Sarah Jane

    Deep In The Motherlode

    In The Cage

    Cinema Show

    Duke's Travels

    In That Quiet Earth

    The Musical Box

    Supper's Ready

    Los Endos


    Fading Lights

  • In the Beginning

    Visions of Angels

    The Musical Box

    Watcher of the Skies

    Fifth of Fifth

    The Lamia

    Los Endos

    11th Earl

    Follow You Follow Me

    Turn it on Again



    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    I Can’t Dance

    Calling All Stations

  • the conqueror


    the return of the giant hogweed

    get'em out by friday

    firth of fifth

    the waiting room

    mad man moon

    blood on the rooftops

    burning rope



    silver rainbow

    the brazilian

    fading lights

    uncertain weather

    have tried to avoid the obvious as far as i could ...

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • choosing only one song from every album, many songs would be missed. but that's inevitable in any possible genesis setlist, due to their vast discography.

    i'm going to try...

    1. watcher of the skies

    2. turn it on again

    3. abacab

    4. in the cage

    5. afterglow

    6. follow you, follow me

    7. i know what i like

    8. home by the sea

    9. the musical box

    10. i can't dance

    11. los endos

    12. invisible touch

    13. the knife

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  • I would probably do it backwards:

    Calling all stations

    Jesus he knows me

    Do the neurotic (b-side but same sessions!)


    Me and Sarah Jane


    Down and out - seguing into...

    Silent slumbers / quiet earth (during which Hackett joins the stage)


    (And enter Peter for:)

    The Lamb lies down on Broadway / it (two songs cos it's a double album, and this would be more like a medley with some musical quotes from various lamb tunes between)

    Dancing with the moonlit knight

    Can-utility and the coastliners

    The musical box

    (Hackett passes the baton to Ant Phillips)


    Silent Sun

    - then a surprise encore -

    Supper's Ready (couldn't resist!)

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    raelway siding - interesting list!

    I was waiting for

    "John Silver and Chris Stewart join the stage for a drum duet" ^^




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  • Where The Sour Turns To Sweet

    Looking For Someone

    The Musical Box

    Time Table

    Firth Of Fifth

    The Chamber Of 32 Doors

    Dance On A Volcano


    Many Too Many

    Turn It On Again

    Me And Sarah Jane


    Anything She Does

    Dreaming While You Sleep