Tony Banks remasters - what happened to the rest???

  • For the record, there is an Ant section in this forum. Speaking for me, I love Field Day. I was a little baffled about a 5.1 remix of an album which features mostly solo instrument tracks, then again I don't use 5.1 and don't see the need of it if you have good stereo boxes.

    I enjoy Tony's stuff too, I don't see any need though to put Tony over Ant or vice versa. Both have created lots of fantastic music.

    If I should choose any Genesis solo album to put on top priority to be remastered then it's Smallcreep's Day.

  • No news on this subject? There has to be a way to convince them to release the rest of Tony´s albums. Perhaps genesis-news should pin a news article about it on the website to get more support. Tweets, kickstarter, something like that... I would gladly pay any money in advance...

  • Only Tony's management and the record company know what happened... but when I last spoke to the management I made my point that the rest of the albums should be remastered and released.


  • I'm all for Ant's stuff getting remastered too!! It's just odd that Ant is getting attention but not Tony. Cherry Red does great work, btw.

    Ant is quite rightly a prolific artist IMO. and I love his work <3.. Tony has shunned the music industry from what I understand, I do admire him, but not a huge fan ;)... It's sad that Tony, is the only member that shuns any kind of a Genesis, re-union..:(

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