Tony Banks remasters - what happened to the rest???

  • Anyone know what happened to the rest of the Tony Banks remasters? Goodness gracious, we get everything in Anthony Phillips catalog it seems (no slight), so at least we can get Tony's works as well? When the box set and the two first solo albums came out, they were talking about the rest of them being released as well. What happened??? Anyone know a good contact at Cherry Red?

  • JW, you'd be looking for the email address:

    You should mark it for the attention of Mark or Vicky Powell, who seem to run/own Cherry Red!

    Like you I am pleased but astonished they can do so much with Anthony Phillip's catalogue, but that they seem to have stopped after two surround sound versions of Tony's albums and a brilliant 4 disc boxset.

    We really should have the rest of Tony's catalogue in Surround sound, Orchestral albums aside.

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  • One of the recent interviews Tony did (I have to look for it...might actually be on!), he pretty much said Cherry Red got "cold feet" and he doesn't seem to think they will be going any further with his albums. Pretty sad!

  • One of the recent interviews Tony did (I have to look for it...might actually be on!), he pretty much said Cherry Red got "cold feet" and he doesn't seem to think they will be going any further with his albums. Pretty sad!

    So Cherry Red has "cold feet" for THE PROG GOD of keyboards Tony Banks, but releases every bit of music ever done by a guitar player who played on one Genesis album (again no slight to Ant). That doesn't compute...

  • I wonder if they would be receptive to some kind of crowd-funding arrangement where we could pre-pay for each new remaster?

    I'm in. I'm going to tweet and email them (thanks "genesis archive" for the contact info). I will mention any arrangement should be on the table. I'

  • Sounds great, jwckauman! I’d be willing to pay up front, even if they have to charge more than what they did for The Fugitive, say. I’m guessing Bankstatement and Soundtracks have already been remastered (stereo, at least), as they have included select tracks on the box set. So part of the work is done already?

  • I had thought Cherry Red had said they only had to 'break even' when releasing Tony's work to make it viable/worthwhile.

    Surely his remastered work would break even at the very least - unless I have got that wrong?

    "She looks at me and gently smiles, as if she knew I'd ask her all the time..."

  • Strange one as they seem to be raiding Anthony Phillips archive so often. Mind you perhaps Tony wanted a hirer return or Nick Davis skills come at a price that might be a tad too high?. That said Soundtracks, Bankstatement, Still and Strictly Inc, should all come out in the same package / way that ACF and The Fugitive have done so.

    Someone should pull their finger out, I have seen the low demand stuff that Cherry Red / Esoteric seem to release by bands who have faded into the sunlight... there must be enough demand for Tony's stuff to justify the costs.

    I'll happily order the four I mentioned in Surround sound with the packaging etc that was put into the first two...

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  • OK this is getting silly now. I mean, I love Ant, but I just saw Cherry Red's latest release...a 5.1 mix of Field Day?? Really?? This is probably my least played album of his - it just feels all too "samey", one acoustic guitar track after another. I had emailed Mark at Cherry Red a few months ago begging for more Tony, but no response. I just don't get it. Surely a remastered Bankstatement would outsell Field Day?

    Oh well, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and wait....

  • well, it's business. Ant has done his 5.1 in his studio with a little help himself.

    The Banks albums were done by Nick Davis, and he obviously won't do that for free. The rest is known - see our interview with Tony.




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  • I hadn't been following this thread so this is news to me.

    I'm sorry to hear they are not continuing with the reissues.

    I was looking forward to the re-release of Strictly Inc. which I suspect may be the most difficult of his solo albums to find.

  • I just responded to the twitter feed for Cherry Red, thanking them for another Anthony Phillips release (which we should be grateful) and asking about Tony again. They've got to be able to work something out. Tony needs to be realistic about the fan base, and Cherry Red needs to respect that a Tony release is a little more involved and has a wider fanbase than an Anthony release. Both sides need to come to the middle and work this out.

    Christian, thank you for your interview. That was very enlightening. I think it said that a few of the releases were already DONE!?! That means all we have to do is press some copies and work on the packaging (which was great for the first two albums).

    Can anyone think of any other way to get the word out? Who is 'Mark' at Cherry Red, btw?