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    Hi everyone,

    I have posted this elsewhere - we have a website special about the long long long process of the Making of Peter Gabriel's new record, which was once to be called I/O - not sure if it will be any longer ...

    Anyway, we have updated the page with Rated PG stuff and also gave it a new design / header image:…he-Making-Of-IO-s161.html

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    That's the question we have asked ourselves for years and years. There was an interview when Peter said he may not be talking of "next September" anymore, it could as well be March.

    Meanwhile, one of the reasons for his silence over the last couple of years was the health status of his wife. We don't know what the current situation is but we can assume that Peter will not do an album / tour thing as long as that's not sorted

  • It's as stunning as frustrating how many side projects keep Peter from doing a new album. Iremember it was the same with UP, but that took him only 10 years to complete (or let's say 8, after the end of the Secret World Tour).

    Thanks for posting the link!

  • He dosen't want to make another album...that's clear.

    He has a lots of songs in the attic but it seems that it's clearly not his own priority. That's a pity. The only thing that Peter needs, it's a new producer and a new team....

  • This is brilliant! It's also a bit funny how long this whole proces takes and what keeps Peter from finishing a new album. Maybe we should just stop waiting then ....

  • If I may...

    Can we get a grip here?

    Yes, I wish Peter would release an album a year or even two, but that's just not what he's been about since leaving the Old Boys.

    The life changes he has undergone have also clearly given him a different kind of distance from the man he once was. People change. Artists change.

    Fathers, sons, and husbands change.

    If you go back over the last 5 or so years, I think you'll see that life has dealt the man with some pretty serious gut punches. And we want him to keep churning out hits from our favorite eras of PG listening....?

    And, by the way, to record an album while his fellow co-hort and constant sideman is out on the road every year for the last 4-5 years as King Crimson's stellar bassist. I'm pretty certain the bass tracks are down for whatever comes next or can be managed via top secret file sharing. No I don't want to know what his DROPBOX account is.

    The new album(s) will come ... and be worth every second of repeated listenings when it does.

    Could be his last. Never know.

    Better to send him good wishes for a healthy life--in or out of the music business.


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    Hi James

    You've got a point here! I believe a lot of people don't know about the health issues of his wife.

    On the other hand - nothing happened since 2002, when he said another album will be out in 18 months.

    I just hope something will be coming in the (near) future. Something new.

  • I don't feel there's any particular need to "get a grip". Anyone aware of the recent personal issues I'm sure has no argument with his focus being on those in the last few years. In the 10+ years before that, there were indictations of an imminent new album to the extent of even having a title so it was logical that fans' hopes and expectations were up. In that context I personally was disappointed that instead we got an extended period of various revisitings of old stuff.

    Ultimately though, I'll always defend an artist's right to do whatever they feel is right for them at the time. I can't deny that as a fan it's frustrating that such an innovative creative artist goes quiet (in terms of new material) for so long, but it's his call.

    Abandon all reason

  • James, I agree to what you have pointed out. We all hope things are better / ok now!

    On the other hand, as Backdrifter said, it's the general thing about waiting and waiting .... we can only guess how much material Peter has in his archives ... or unfinished stuff. His work mode must be very strange.

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    Last info was that things have turned out quite well. SO let's just wait and see what happens next.

    I think that Rated PG was a nice thing to do "in between"

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    he released all the shows from June-July 2003 & Europe 2004.

    Fall 2002 & Europe 2003 should see live series release.

    true (and also the 2007 and 2009 shows)

    but that's not the subject here, since we discuss a new studio album.

  • I don't think that's going to happen.

    1. looks like they are shutting down ...????

    2. why should he release complete tours to compensate waiting time for a new studio album?

    and, after all, what's the benefit for us? I enjoy stuff like Rated PG far more than live recordings.

  • I don't think that's going to happen.

    1. looks like they are shutting down ...????

    2. why should he release complete tours to compensate waiting time for a new studio album?

    and, after all, what's the benefit for us? I enjoy stuff like Rated PG far more than live recordings.

    It wouldn't HAVE to be through themusic.Com. it COULD be just a thing on all digital outlets.

    2. He is so quiet when it comes to releases.

    Peter Gabriel: If you see this. The first two legs of the Up Tour for all digital outlets.

  • Don't think he will stick to that title after 500 years or so since the last album ;)

    I don't really care what it will be called, let's just hope he will finally deliver something!

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    I don't think it will still be called I/O. And actually I don't really care anymore what it will be called, he just needs to release a bloody new record with new music. :)