• Hi everyone

    Do you also follow what THE MUTE GODS are doing? It's kind of a Steve Hackett family project and now they have released their third album.

    My favorite SONG by the band is Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth

    What do you think?

  • I bought the first album, but didn't follow what they were doing - although I quite liked the tracks on the album. Just checked the track you mentioned - that's a nice one, but quite simple, more radio rock.

  • I bought the first album, on the basis of the videos uploaded to youtube by them pre-release. Sadly, as it turned out, those were the best tracks, being the title track, (which, perhaps oddly, puts me in mind of parts of Peter Gabriel's 2nd album), Feed the Troll, and Father Daughter, the closer.

    Others, like Praying to a Mute God, Your Dark Ideas, and particularly Nightschool for idiots are poor, and annoyingly so at times. I saw the clips from the second album, and walked away. Not helped by the fact that, like some shiny bright thing that goes green after a few months, the album quickly sags, much like Sparks or Nik Kershaw did, for me.


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  • Hmmm! I seem to recall both Steve Hackett and Nicky Horne giving Nicky Horne the credit for coming up with the idea of GR2. Although, with hindsight, "credit" might be a bit strong, as neither the album was very good, lacking the "vision" of the first album back in the mid-90's, not have any of Steve's subsequent albums hit the heights of the pre-GR2 era. Commercially successful, granted, and maybe the new fans it brought like the new stuff, but the long-term fans don't seem so enamoured!


    Works with chess - Not with life

  • Yes, I am a believer in The Mute Gods. I am also a seasoned Genesis Freak from the day and have also seen every tour except Calling All Stations. Since following Steven Wilson (who BTW, filled that PG hole quite well), I have gotten quite interested in our boy. More later on him and his band.

    I am wondering about this "Steve Hackett family project" notion espoused at the top. This baby is all Nick.