GNC interview with MIKE RUTHERFORD, ANDREW ROACHFORD and TIM HOWAR | 11th April in Dresden

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    We will do an interview with Mike Rutherford, Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar in Dresden on thursday this week.

    Should you have any question you'd like to ask, I will include them if I can. Just post them here.

  • Christian

    Changed the title of the thread from “GNC interview with MIKE RUTHERFORD on 11th April” to “GNC interview with MIKE RUTHERFORD, ANDREW ROACHFORD and TIM HOWAR | 11th April in Dresden”.
  • Hi! My question: "Mike, who played the new guitars solos on Word of Mouth, All i need is a miracle and Silent Running 2019? It seems Anthony Drennan... What about the reason to leave your original guitars solos to Drennan?


    Francesco from Italy

  • Hi Christian & all,

    I'm going to offer three questions, so please feel free to use any or all of them! :)

    1. Mike is credited on the new album with "Akai drum programming": what specifically did he use? e.g. MPC X, MPC Live, etc.

    2. I have a Sony cassette recorder and cassette tape which purport to have been Mike's: were they actually his, does he recognise them...?? [photo attached]

    3. Please would Mike tell us the definitive position re. The Farm recording studio: is it completely shutting down in the next few months?

    Many thanks & very best wishes,

    Andrew Ward.

    aka ARPQuadra

  • I'd really like to know the story behind the song The Letter from the Let Me Fly album, one of my favourite M&tM tracks. Also, how does a song like that come together musically? Did it come from a jam, or did you sit down and compose it?


  • I saw the Mechanics for the first time ever recently at Bristol - Tim was incredible and really brought some amazing energy to the show and I had a fantastic time.

    I noticed that Mike appeared to be wearing bandages or wrist supports - does he have repetitive strain injury after so many years playing guitars, or was it just a fashion choice?

    Also, can I add my vote for a live album, as the current band is on fire.


  • Thanks GNC!

    I'd love to thank Mike & The Mechanics for playing last year in Nashville Tennessee. I honestly never thought I would get the chance to see the band in the U.S. let alone such an intimate venue!

    Chester Thompson attended the show and was hanging backstage afterwards. I was wondering if, for Mike, was that the first time you had seen Chester since the 2007 tour, and for Tim and Andrew was that your first time meeting him? (As a drummer, I'm a huge fan of Chester, and had the honor of taking a dozen one-on-one lessons with him).

  • Hi Mike!

    These days musicians tend to tour relentlessly because people don't buy CDs anymore (and Spotify doesn't pay so much either). I think Genesis fans are different though. I personally would love, more than anything, new music from "the magic trio" (you, tony and phil). And I think lots of fans would buy a new CD immediately. I would love it if you did like the Beatles (stop touring, make fantastic albums instead).

    Best regards

    Gustav (I will see you in concert in Stockholm. April 28)

  • But Phil can't drum...

  • Mike has arthritis... :(

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    Thanks everybody for providing questions!

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    The interview went well, it was a very loose and lively atmosphere. I hope to have it online after the weekend

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    Show report is finished, needs to be translated, interview should be transcribed soon . stay tuned