NAD SYLVAN - The Regal Bastard (5th July 2019)

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    Nad Sylvan will release his new solo album The Regal Bastard on 5th July 2019…e-Regal-Bastard-n588.html




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  • It's quite interesting that Nad sounds different on his solo albums. Simply because he sings more naturally. The Genesis stuff is quite demanding for him - and of course it is. He needs to adapt to the way Phil AND Peter used to sing. On his solo stuff, he can sing as Nad wants to sing.

    I recommend to give his solo albums a chance!

  • I'm very fond of the Unifaun album - he's great on that!

    With his singing on Genesis songs, his voice is more suited to Gabriel-era tracks (IMHO, he does those very well); Collins' voice, being different from Peter's, is harder work for him.

    I might need to check this out!

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Courting The Widow and The Bride Said No are both excellent albums. I too love The Unifaun album. Its an amazing tribute to both the Phil and Peter eras of Genesis, and with all original compositions.

    Anyone who's not heard the Agents Of Mercy albums might want to check them out as well. This is the band he formed with Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings.

    I met Nad at Cal Prog in 2009 when Agents Of Mercy performed. We stayed at the same hotel, and the next morning my wife and I had breakfast with Nad and Roine, and Jonas Reingold. I found Nad to be very shy, and he came across as a genuinely nice person.

    Pics of Agents Of Mercy I took in 2009

    I'm looking forward to the release of the new solo album.