GENESIS: Seconds Out - Half Speed Mastering 2019

  • They won’t do it, but the same for Genesis Live, with Supper’s Ready, would be some reward for a very loyal fan base which is poorly served by the band, who should really be a little bit ashamed.

    Interesting, what do you mean by this?

    SO isn't an album I feel any great urge to revisit but it's encouraging to hear the new version provides a bit more warmth and oomph, both of which I always thought were largely missing from what I found a very cold, clinical, antiseptic-sounding live album.

    Abandon all reason

  • Hi Backdrifter, I think they gave their all in performances and products whilst they were in operation and I suppose they could say “what more do you want?” But it seems to me that every other major band has a functioning website and occasional new products, such as live albums or immersive box sets of classic albums to keep people entertained. Genesis did not release many live albums really and I think there would be a market for some of that and there is a wealth of live material to work with. The lack of a professional band website at least seems to me to be a bit thoughtless. Plus, I have all the box sets etc but for folk who missed them at the time they’d can be hard and expensive to come by.