Full Moon Club

  • I am thrilled i have discovered the rich history of Genesis (was previously just a fan of 80's work onward). Now i'm a Genesis mega-fan and am trying to find everything they ever did, having to do a lot of catching up, and realizing i have missed out big time and may be too late to the party. Thankful though for what i am able to engage in today even if it's not much.

    That said! Were any of y'all around during the heyday of Peter Gabriel's Full Moon Club, and can speak to the experience? I tried to go back and access the website and there is content, but certainly nothing to download and listen to. For example, i see on the PG Recording Compendium. I would love to have these but alas, no longer available.

    Liquid Selves (Peter Gabriel/John Paul Jones)

    Recording date: 1991/92

    Released: 1992 - animation clip by Karls Sims for Memory Palace/Barcelona & Art Futura

    Feed The Flame [Downside Up Demo]

    Recording date: 1991/92

    Released: 23rd May 2005 - Peter Gabriel "Full Moon Club" (mp3 download)

    Sky Blue (Demo)

    Recording date: 1991/92

    Released: 22nd June 2005 - Peter Gabriel "Full Moon Club" (mp3 download)

    Is there a master list of all the content PG released via that club? Did he also release CD's at any point with rare content? Are those cataloged anywhere with links to possible online locations that would let you hear them. I wish PG would bring that club back, as i would glady pay to join.