Music listening stats!

  • One cool aspect of streaming music is the statistics you can get about your listening habits. i've been on Spotify for a few years and also bought the premium Last.FM subscription. I have Last.FM "scrobbling" almost all my music service (e.g. Spotify, Windows Media Player, MusicBee, YouTube, etc.). I also have a account connected to my Last.FM/Spotify account. So with all that, i can pull up all sorts of cool reports about my listening habits and how they compare to others. Let me know if any of your also do this kind of stuff. Maybe we can share our stats with each other and see what the other enjoys listening to, without having to wait for someone to post it. Or we could post links to our stats in this forum.

    Here is my last month's stats (it doesnt include CD's i play in the car, of which i am playing quite many Genesis & Solo stuff) I "think" this link will work:

  • Sweet. Phret, right? It's a shame that my CD/DVD-Audio habits aren't showing in this. Makes it look like i dont listen to anything Genesis related. :) It's just that when i want to listen to Genesis, i want it at the highest quality possible so i always go for the CD/DVD-AUDIO discs in my car.

  • Not a lot I'd choose but I do like a bit of Minogue and your selection of Drowned World - well what can I say, Madonna's best song in my opinion and an excellent choice.

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