Your favorite tracks from "Rated PG" (PETER GABRIEL)

  • Which are your favorite tracks from "Rated PG"? You can pick up to three tracks! 8

    1. Nocturnal (6) 75%
    2. Everybird (5) 63%
    3. This Is Party Man (3) 38%
    4. Taboo (3) 38%
    5. Speak (Bol) (2) 25%
    6. That'll DO (1) 13%
    7. Down To Earth (1) 13%
    8. The Book Of Love (1) 13%
    9. Walk Through The Fire (0) 0%
    10. In Your Eyes (0) 0%

    Not that the album is available for a couple of weeks and also in digital music stores (i.e. iTunes), we were wondering which tracks are your favorite?

    You can choose up to three tracks from the album.

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  • This is party man, Everybird, Nocturnal

    I'm quite pleased with the record in general, but these tracks stand out for me.

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • My choice is: Everybird, Nocturnal and Bol

    Everybird is a lovely tune, Nocturnal is one of the tracks I always wanted to have in decent quality and Bol is a nice collaboration, that offers many things.

    I also like This Is Party Man (although I still don't know why this track is now called "This Is" Party Man), but this one feels a bit like still work in progress.