Conforums Closing Today, New Home Here

  • I was only a member of the old forum for about 14 months but was sorry to see it go. However it's fun here; love the layout & the fact that my avatar is now bigger. Turn it on again! Thanks to Krissy & the other admins.

  • I am happy that everybody feels comfortable here. When I took notice that the TIOA forum has to close doors, I contacted Krissy immediately. We have the possibilities and capacity (our own server) to hist this forum.

    We did have an english forum in the past, but eventually it disappeared after it was simply too much to handle. Now with Krissy in board, it's different.

    Please spread the word about the new forum. We will also start a little promotion campaign on facebook shortly. I also hope we can reach all the peopel who are NOT on facebook.





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  • Kissy,

    Will there be a place on the web to view the old forum and old posts? There were a number of post that I wanted to try to copy and save, particularly the discussion on the Soundboard project (A no go) and the history of the Farm and it being sold. There were a few others as well.

    Thanks For all the you do,


  • Paul, there is always this history of Fisher Lane Farm...…r-lane-farm-chiddingfold/

    Having been there three times on invite, I believe I can comment on The Farm.

    Kind regards


  • Mark and Krissy,

    Thanks so much for the link. I never saw this and it's great. I was still curious if the old forum will be accessible somewhere on the web, even through Wayback? I know Krissy said she was trying to save and house it somewhere. I really liked the long discussion about the Soundboard project as Alan Hewitt and other gave some updates and discussed why it may never happen.

    Also, did anyone ever save any of the old Nick Davis posts from the old forum? I remember he gave spoilers on the setlist for the 2007 tour as well as gave a lot of information regarding the boxsets and live sources such as the Way we walk and Second's out. I saved a lot of that but my hard drive crashed once and lost it.

    thanks again,


  • Hey Paul. I'm seeing how I can set it up, as HTTrack is configured a bit differently than creating your own html pages and saving each page in individual folders. I see just an index page but when I use that page locally on my harddrive the pages on the forum load up. I will have to see how it uploads to ftp, and if it works correctly. Otherwise, I could dropbox it and have others download the folder at their leisure.

  • Krissy, in theory you could just have the threads as screenshots. With only the best stuff in the form of the old Phil Collins official forum posts by Phil himself on here as a locked item, or if they exist the old Nick Davis stuff from the official forum as a locked item.

    All different ideas...