Techical issues and questions about the new forum

  • I cannot send a new thread in the Conversions cloud? I'm maxed out!....

    Message says

    You have reached your maximum conversations limit and cannot create new conversations.

    Will check that and extend the conversation options.

    Bear with us and please keep on checking all these functions. We were in quite a hurry when setting up this forum, so not all settings might be logical

  • Thank you Christian, I appreciate your prompt response!... :)

    I'm sure others here feel the same!....

    Thank you in deleting those scammers on here, I'm sure others will follow. ;)

  • Yes Christian, the signature does not have an upload function. We used to be able to drop in a link and the image would show up, but as FIC mentioned in her post, only the hyperlink shows up now. If there was an upload function, we could use the signature with an image.

    I am bumping this up to ask if you are going to investigate this at some point. Thanks.

  • The forum offers the option to "hide" complete subforums individully, i.e. if you are not interested in the content of a whole forum

    As for a thread, you can alsy "unwatch" a thread. I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for.

    It's available within the "manage subsciption" option (top right of the page, just below the main graphic)

    The forum overview page offers the option to turn complete forums on and off, it's the "eye"-symbol in the same area ...

  • Thanks again, I think the sub-forums option might work for me in this instance. I'll give it a go.

    I had a similar situation where I posted once in a lengthy thread that I don't normally contribute to, and then kept getting frequent notifications every time someone else posted in it.

    So I went into my settings and disabled notifications of new replies to my comments and that seemed to do the trick.

  • Thanks guys. Christian's subforum-hiding idea has done the trick as the issue was in fact a subforum containing about 4 threads (ironically one of which I created!) all of which I wanted to stop seeing responses to. Job done.

    Abandon all reason

  • Works fine! I don't mind other stuff being discussed here (i.e. off topc, sports etc), but this option helps to focus on the Genesis-related stuff

  • done

    I will probably change the registration process now, i.e. the admins need to approve a new user - in addition to the standard procedures. I hope we can avoid most of those spammers with this change...

    I hope this does not disrupt the rhythm of this forum...;)