TotW 6/17/2019 - 6/23/2019: MIKE + THE MECHANICS - One Way

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    What do you think about "One Way"? 11

    1. 12 points - good + (3) 27%
    2. 13 points - very good - (2) 18%
    3. 10 points - good - (2) 18%
    4. 09 points - satisfactory + (2) 18%
    5. 15 points - outstanding (1) 9%
    6. 07 points - satisfactory - (1) 9%
    7. 14 points - very good (0) 0%
    8. 11 points - good (0) 0%
    9. 08 points - satisfactory (0) 0%
    10. 06 points - sufficient + (0) 0%
    11. 05 points - sufficient (0) 0%
    12. 04 points - sufficient - (0) 0%
    13. 03 points - poor + (0) 0%
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    16. 00 points - abysmal (0) 0%


    Year: 2019

    Album: Out Of The Blue [review]

    Working title: unknown

    Credits: Rutherford, Roachford, Datchler

    Lyrics: Yes

    Length: 4:00

    Musicians: (Mike Rutherford, Andrew Roachford)

    Played Live: 2019

    Cover versions: none


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    Notes: One Way is one of only three new tracks from the latest Mechanics album Out Of The Blue. This track, like the other two as well, was sung by Andrew Roachford. The band played that track on the UK leg of their tour.

    We invite you to share interesting facts and tidbits about this track. Let's look at the track in the context of the band's / the artist's history, at the music, the songwriting and all other aspects that are relevant for this track. Please do stick to the discussion of the track above. Comparisons to other tracks are okay, but remember that the other track you may be keen to talk about has or will have its own Track Of The Week thread. If you spot a mistake or if you can close a gap in the fact sheet above please feel free to contact martinus or Christian about it; we will gladly add and improve!

  • Mmmm, maybe 9/15??

    A typical M&M track. Not awful, but doesn't really set the world on fire either.

    Maybe it will grow on me?

    "She looks at me and gently smiles, as if she knew I'd ask her all the time..."

  • It's not a bad track, but not a standout track neither. It has some sort of standard structure. Nothing outstanding. Good tune for radios, though.

    7 points.

    ... make tomorrow today!

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    9 points for me. I think they can do better. It's a nice track but far from something like Silent Running or even later stuff - i.e. The Letter

  • I gave this one 15/15 because it's honestly one of my favourite Mechanics songs of all time.

    The first time I heard it was on the tour, and it blew me away.

    I love the beat, which is modern without feeling like a pastiche or like they're trying too hard (which some of Rewired feels like to me, though admittedly I only really listened to that album over a decade after it came out and it sounded dated). Mike is so good at those drum loops, it's reminiscent of Mama.

    I love the directness of its lyrics - the other two new songs are very general in their message, but this one is person-to-person and sexy in a way you perhaps don't expect the Mechanics to be (though they are more often than one would think).

    When they do it live, at the end Tim and Andrew sing the two different chorus pieces on top of one another, which works so nicely.

  • I will bow to this from a Mechanics expert. I gave it 13 - a really nice, uplfiting song.

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    Well there's a first! No one ever agrees with me ^^

    I wouldn't go that far. Or would I? :/;)