Genesis - similar song structures

  • I listened to a lot of Genesis stuff the other day and one question appeared. How many different kind of song structures did they produce? Obviously, some pop songs all have more or less the same structure. But there are also some long songs, das follow the same pattern:

    song part / instrumental / song part reprise:

    Firth Of Fifth

    Mad Man Moon

    One For The Vine

    Burning Rope

    Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea

    Fading Lights

    There Must Be Some Other Way

    Vocals all over, but more or less two song parts


    Driving The Last Spike

    One Man's Fool

    starting with song part, ending with instrumental

    The Cinema Show


    Living Forever

    do you find more categories, or more songs that fit in one of these categories?

  • Interesting post!


    Dreaming while you sleep

    Uncertain weather

    Behind the lines

    Down and out

    Would also match One for the vine with Mad man moon

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • There was another thread that mentioned the structure of long instrumental introduction followed by the song (Behind the Lines, Blood on the Rooftops, etc.).

    There is also the structure of mostly instrumental with a short song section in the middle (Duke's Travels).