GNC Interview with TONY BANKS about "Banks Vaults" on 27th June - your questions?

  • We will conduct yet another interview with TONY BANKS next week (27th June).

    Subject will ONLY be the new Boxset "Banks Vaults" and his solo career (rock albums), and not Genesis and not the Classial work.

    In case you have any questions you want us to ask, just post them here - thanks you

  • I would like to ask Tony about the song Say You'll Never Leave me from The Fugitive, and his thoughts on it now. It was left off the A Chord Too Far boxed set, and I'm wondering if he thinks it is not as strong as the others? I think it is a lovely song with a real John Lennon vibe to it.

  • ...And of course will he ever make another rock album!?

    That would be my No. 1 question as well — and if the answer is yes, is he in the midst of writing or recording material for it, does he have a sense of when it might be released.

  • Will their be a follow up box set for the rest of his solo work?

    What does he think his strongest album is from this box set?

    Doing this box set and going back thru his Vaults has he ever thought of doing a autobiography?

    Why did he decide on a book style box set and not a BOX style like the genesis boxes were in the 2O00’s

    Was there ever any b-sides or material left off of his solo stuff that could of been considered as an extra disc in this set?

  • I have two questions.

    Looking back over the rock solo work in this new retrospective, what are his overriding thoughts and feelings about it as a body of work?

    When I think of the solo work I immediately am drawn to The Fugitive. I think because it is solely his voice and feels to me the most consistent album. The cover of the new box set adapts the cover of The Fugitive. I wondered if this indicates he feels the same about that album?

    Abandon all reason

  • I always want to ask Tony about his garden! After the massive amount of rain we have had in the UK this 'Summer' it must be looking very verdant!

    "She looks at me and gently smiles, as if she knew I'd ask her all the time..."

  • How did he choose the vocalists? Did he make a short list and checked who's available or did that happen by chance?

    Did his record company make specific suggestions?

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • I have a friend who says it is only a matter of time until acoustic pianos will become a thing of the past since electric pianos keep growing more and more realistic; acoustic pianos with their complicated mechanics, expensive price and heavy weight shall be entirely replaced by their electronic counterparts. What does Tony think about this: will the acoustic piano remain, and does it matter to him if it does?