Songs whose lyrics contain other songs' titles

  • I think there was a thread like this on another, long-ago message board; but I'd like to start a new one.

    What Genesis songs can you think of that (intentionally or not) happen to have other songs' titles in their lyrics?

    Here's what I know of off the top:

    The Magic Of Time: Silent Sun

    Supper's Ready: Like It Or Not

    Firth Of Fifth: Shepherd

    The Lamia: Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats

    A Trick Of The Tail: That's All

    Alone Tonight: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight: In Too Deep

    The Seat Bunny!

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  • The Light Dies Down On Broadway - The Light

    I've been wondering if this obscure reference was an inside joke: 'The Light' used to be a 10min.+ song of which only few passages survived in Lilywhite Lilith and bits of The Colony of Slippermen, so we can say indeed that The Light has died down on Broadway.

  • Like It Or Not (and probably several others) - Anyway

    Stagnation - The (ice-cold) Knife

    Personally, I don't think that one counts!

    Hearts On Fire - It

    I was wondering if anyone else would think of "It." Too many songs to count for that one, I'm sure!

    'The Light' used to be a 10min.+ song

    Just to nitpick a little -- the one recorded performance of "The Light" that survives lasts approximately 8:50.

    The Seat Bunny!

  • Yes I agree "the ice-cold knife" is stretching the idea too far. But I love the notion of selecting one specific song to illustrate the inclusion of 'it', I have to say that gave me a chuckle.

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  • I just came across this one:

    Shepherd - Window

    Given that, a "title reference" chain of 4 songs can be built!

    Firth of Fifth -> Shepherd -> Window -> Horizons

    The Seat Bunny!

  • There are many references to songs (not Genesis) throughout TLLDOB. To the point where I've periodically considered compiling a list, before real life takes over again. Perhaps one has already been made?

    Three quick examples (IIRC are many more, but haven't refreshed my memory for a while):

    "There's Howard Hughes in blue suede shoes" - Broadway Melody of 1974

    "And as the song and dance begins, the children play at home
    with needles; needles and pins." - Broadway Melody of 1974


    'cos it's only knock and knowall, but I like it.' - It

    I'm sure there are many others I've noticed over years of listening, as well as others I've not picked up on.

    Anyone got any more?

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  • Sorry, this isn't songs or lyrics but I heard of a music festival in PA called Some Kind Of Jam. Couldn't resist mentioning it.

    And Lilywhite Lilith features a band (The Darkness) and an award (Golden Globes).

    Anyway, carry on.

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