New UK Prime Minister

  • I'm not a supporter of Boris Johnson and was not a huge fan for UK to leave Europe because of these complications. But now he's PM, I wish him all the luck and hope he delivers on his word.

  • Not a fan, sorry. Both he and Trump are a disgrace and embarrassment to their country. Don't get me started on their hair ^^

    I kind of thought this thread should possibly have been included in the "R.I.P. Thread", i.e., the death of common sense. <X

    I have to keep reminding myself that the world will eventually wake up from this nonsense...

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • The new cabinet is grim stuff.

    It seems with each passing day we are not just 'drifting into the arena of the unwell' but that we are sliding with increasing speed into the festering pit of the toxic.

    Watching tory MPs who hated Johnson switch to supporting him, because they see him as the chance to win back voters from the Brexit Party, has been nauseatingly unedifying. Party before country, pure and simple.

    I had a discussion with colleagues in 2016 where we said, a year from now we could actually have President Trump, Prime Minister Johnson and President Le Pen. Well sorry Meat Loaf but two out of three really is bad. The death of common sense indeed.

    I'm glad I have a week of manic theatregoing at the Edinburgh Fringe to look forward to for some escape.

    Abandon all reason

  • The XXIst century will all be about spirits or will not be.…loads/2015/03/gilbeys.png

    As a Frenchman/European I can't wait for Brexit to happen since Britain has been the main culprit in turning the EU into a goddamn shopkeepers' club.

    As an incurable anglophile, well... I'm just feeling sad :|

    (Homophobic/woman hater twit Pence shitting on the taoiseach's carpet had some entertainment value, gotta say)