Do you think CAS is the worst Genesis album?

  • Provided that I cannot rate FGTR as proper Genesis album and it has already been established the ''worst'' and ''best'' are quite vague terms, I believe that their weakest albums, in terms of material are ATTW3, WCD and Abacab. Then, for instance I am more likely to listen to Abacab, purely because of the energy it exudes, even though I think the material is quite poor than, say IT which is nearly perfection….Glossy, stultifying perfection. I am sentimentally attached to ATTW3, even though it was their weakest up to that point and WCD has at least three songs that really stand out and show that Genesis still had it, when they wanted. CAS is far from solid and hard to adjust to, for obvious reasons but there are some fine songs on it. Again, very tricky; I look at something like SEBTP, my second favorite album of theirs and it is quite flawed but it is absolutely magic and the highlights are a thing of absolute beauty.

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  • CAS, I might have listened to it maybe 3 times all the way through and that was tough. I can't even say it is bad or good, I just don't like it. The cover is great though.


    Funny how tastes differ isn't it. I think the cover is terrible. But then it merely continued the trend set with IT and WCD.

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  • I like the CAS cover too. Very cool vibe IMO, and the black with blue works well.

    I don't mind the artwork on the WCD cover, the image and the pastel shades... but that's such a terrible album title, and it doesn't fit with the art at all. And then there's that hideous logo they started using at that time, the worst one they ever had - it looks like a child made it. And then they used it again in later years! Why on earth would they splash that eyesore on the green and blue boxed sets? The green one should have been the Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot logo, and the blue one could have been either Trick or the Seconds Out/ATTWT logo. Would have made the series look so much cooler on the shelf, instead of five boxes with giant WCD logos on them.

  • I like the CAS cover too. Very cool vibe IMO, and the black with blue works well.

    The black and blue colour scheme in itself is good and kind of reflects the feel of the music, but the actual graphics I find so dull, and the repeated title - I get the intention, but it looks really naff.

    General Genesis album covers thread set up here.

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