Banks/Genesis Covers

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    Banks/Genesis Covers

    Redwing Suite (Banks)

    Some sound respectable, others no so much. Redwing Suite and the later ones (further down the list) probably sound the best of the few that are here.

    Do The Neurotic (Genesis Cover)

    Redwing (Tony Banks Cover)

    Somebody Else's Dream (Tony Banks Cover)

    One for the Vine (Genesis Cover)

    Lion of Symmetry [Final Mix]

    It's Gonna Get Better (Improved - live bass, keys)

    Death of Abby (Tony Banks)

    Lorca (Tony Banks)

    Kid and Detective Droid (Tony Banks)

    Lift Off (Tony Banks)

    Rebirth Dance - Banks

    Do The Neurotic (2015 mix)

    In the Glow of the Night (Genesis - rough) [2016]

    Land of Confusion (Cover)

    Smilin' Jack Casey (Tony Banks)

    From The Undertow (Banks - A Curious Feeling)

  • I haven't had chance to listen to all of these but It's Gonna Get Better (which I'm listening to right now) sounds lovely. Always an underrated track in some quarters, it's nice to hear it getting some love.

  • I stumbled over this thread today. I am just listening to the list (Do The Neurotic just now). Really great stuff.


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