Very odd credits on Seconds Out

  • Does anyone else have a copy of Seconds Out too that has strange credits? The copy in my dad's record collection has really messed up credits and I've been wondering for ages what went wrong there. I finally made it to take photos - only with my phone so forgive me for bad quality.

    So, the labels on the vinyls say this:

    Side 1:

    Squonk (Rutherford/Banks)

    The Carpet Crawl (Rutherford/Collins/Banks)

    Robbery, Assault And Battery (Banks/Collins)

    Afterglow (Banks)

    Side 2:

    Firth Of Fifth (Banks/Rutherford/Collins)

    I Know What I Like (Banks/Rutherford/Collins)

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway... (Banks/Rutherford/Collins)

    ...The Musical Box (Banks/Rutherford/Collins)

    Side 3:

    Supper's Ready (Rutherford/Banks/Collins)

    Side 4:

    The Cinema Show (Rutherford/Banks/Collins)

    Dance On A Volcano (Rutherford/Banks/Hackett)

    ...Los Endos (Collins/Banks/Rutherford/Hackett)

    You see? Apparently a Peter Gabriel never had an input in songwriting. Steve Hackett, however, is credited, but only for the 4-man songs. Phil Collins gets a credit for Los Endos but not for Dance On A Volcano. How does this make sense?

    Now, the inner sleeve - or inlay rather since it is not a sleeve and the vinyls have separate blank sleeves - gives a different take on this:

    Side One:


    The Carpet Crawl**

    Robbery Assault & Battery***


    Side Two:

    Firth of Fifth****

    I Know What I Like****

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway****

    The Musical Box (Closing Section)****

    Side Three:

    Supper's Ready*****

    Side Four:

    The Cinema Show*****

    Dance on a Volcano******

    Los Endos******

    *(Rutherford/Banks) Fuse Music

    **(Rutherford/Collins/Banks/Hackett/Gabriel) Genesis Music/Carlin

    ***(Banks/Collins) Fuse Music

    ****(Banks/Rutherford/Collins/Hackett/Gabriel) Genesis Music/Carlin

    *****(Rutherford/Banks/Collins/Hackett/Gabriel) Quartet/Carlin

    ******(Rutherford/Banks/Hackett/Collins) Fuse Music

    *******(Banks) Fuse Music

    So here, the band members' credits look right, however there's 3 different versions for 5-man credits: one says "Quartet/Carlin" (5 stars) and accounts for Supper's Ready and The Cinema Show; the two others (2 stars and 4 stars) both say "Genesis Music/Carlin"; the 2 stars one accounts exclusively for The Carpet Crawl, while the 4 stars one is for all of side 2: Firth of Fifth, I Know What I Like, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, The Musical Box, thus including songs from the same albums as The Carpet Crawl and The Cinema Show. Any explanation...? Also, the sequence of band members' names seems completely random, I can't make out a pattern except for avoid alphabetical order by any means.

    If it is of any help, I attached photos of the codes on the backside of the sleeve too. It is a Western German pressing by phonogram and seems to be from 1977 or soon after.

    On a sidenote, my dad's copy of Foxtrot is interesting too since it explicitly gives this credit on both vinyl sides:

    "(T. Banks/S. Hackett/R. MacPhail/P. Collins/P. Gabriel/M. Rutherford)"

    I can provide photos too. It also has a notable typo, "MICHEAL RUTHERFORD", besides a lot of typos in the lyrics ("More opened cars and opened eyes, and soon they dared to laugh" and others).