RAY WILSON live: Time & Distance (2CD)

  • For those of you who haven't seen Ray Wilson live yet (and for everybody else also), he has released a fine live album last year. It contains both material from Genesis (also interesting stuff such as The Dividing Line!) and solo material.

    CD 1

    01. Calling All Stations

    02. The Dividing Line

    03. Home By The Sea

    04. Carpet Crawlers

    05. Entangled

    06. Ripples

    07. Follow You Follow Me

    08. Not About Us

    09. In Your Eyes

    10. Another Day In Paradise

    11. Another Cup Of Coffee

    12. Mama

    13. Congo

    CD 2

    01. Alone

    02. Propaganda Man

    03. Calvin and Hobbes

    04. Take it Slow

    05. Ought To Be Resting

    06. Old Book On The Shelf

    07. Song For A Friend

    08. Not Long Till Springtime

    09. Another Day

    10. Makes Me Think Of Home

    11. Bless Me

    12. First Day Of Change

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  • I have seen Ray many times and his shows are great. He is such a talent. His solo songs are well crafted and he intertwines his show with some very funny stories.

    This live double cd gives a flavour of his talents and includes some of his most recent songs.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”

  • I’ve been lucky enough to see Ray a few times , a fine singer and I can’t help wonder if they had just done one more album with him it might have took off