... imagine someone listens to "Firth Of Fifth" for the very first time

  • well, it could be like this.

    interesting stuff here

    And I guess we all would like to go back and enjoy that moment again.....?




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  • This video reaffirms the genius of Genesis! Watching these guys' expressions made me feel as though it was me who was hearing Firth of Fifth for the very first time. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing this, Christian :*:thumbup:

  • Thought the guy on the right was more perceptive to all the sounds as the guy on the left was more into the bass and drums.... He appeared to copy his buddy on the right and after a final chat, he then agreed with, raising his score from a 4 to a 5. ^^

  • Very cool and thanks for posting!

    I'm sure the first time I heard it my jaw was on the floor at MSG as it wasn't until I first saw them there in 77 that I actually heard Firth.

    It's also the first tune I play for someone when they want to get turned on to the band and how I explain my lifelong love of this band and why they're a huge part of the soundtrack of my life.

  • There are a couple of these videos online now and sometimes these are truly enjoyable. I mean, we are all experts regarding these tracks, but imagine you were like 17 and are used to the crap on YouTube and elsewhere, and then you get to hear something like FoF...

    ... make tomorrow today!

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