Odd comment about THE FUGITIVE

  • I was just listening to THE FUGITIVE, and remembered something I hadn't thought about in years.

    When the album first came out, I read one particular review of it (I don't know where or by who). Commenting on the fact that Tony sang on the album, the reviewer said something like "If you'd like to hear what Genesis would sound like without Phil Collins..."

    Umm... was he really imagining a scenario wherein Phil would leave Genesis, and Tony would take over the lead vocals?? Well, that would be quite a compliment to Tony's singing, that's for sure. (Too much of one, IMO, although I think Tony did sound pretty good later on "Big Man" and "Hero for an Hour.")

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    -- attributed to a former Mensa president

    Never assume that the loudest voices are necessarily the ones telling the truth.

  • I don't know if I would go that far - I just think it's simply stating that he thinks Tony's work is similar to Genesis without Phil's vocals. That's the easiest thing to say, because then you don't have to analyse Tony's work on its own merit.

  • seems to me there's quite a bit or irony in this comment - so not odd at all, just a bit senseless?

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