TONY BANKS - Red Day on Blue street

  • Anyone know if Banks or Kershaw wrote the lyrics for this? A UK election on Thursday the 12th too, Tony must have foresaw it!

    Heads of this nation
    Fight lies with misinformation and
    This gives, that takes
    One or the other for the difference it makes

    Also Nik Kershaw's recent solo albums are really good. Very underrated.

  • I don't know, but based on that snippet, I'd say Nik, it's a lot like bits of his first album.


    There is a church bell

    That rings on the hour

    Filling the streets

    Stopping the world awhile

  • "Red Day" is, musically, just an amazing song to me (lyrical significance aside) -- one of Tony's best. If it weren't for "Angel Face," I wouldn't think "Red Day" could be topped!

    "I don't belong here," said old Tessa out loud...

  • I don't think anyone else ever wrote music for one of Tony's albums, so when you see a co-writing credit like Fish, Jack Hues, Nik Kershaw, etc. it's safe to assume that their input was lyrically.

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