PINK FLOYD - The Later Years Boxset

  • Anyone got his set?

    I must say, I was thinking to buy it, but it's simply too expensive imo

    And, just in case, if you are only interested in the new mixes and some outtakes, there is another digital album now available that should satisfy these needs:

    iTunes | amazonMP3 (UK)

  • I purchased the digital format, but didn't buy the whole shebang.

    (A Momentary Lapse of Reason Remixed & Updated, Delicate Sound Of Thunder Remixed, Live Recordings and Unreleased Studio Recordings)

    Have only listened to a few songs so far. Pretty good!

  • The good thing is that, later on, they will probably release each mini-era of the boxset in unique sets of their own, like they did for "The Early Years" boxset.

    The whole set is too expensive for me too (I do have the 1 CD sampler, though). However, when the 5.1 BluRay of "Pulse" can be purchased independent of the whole boxset, I'll be one of the first in line.

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  • From what I have heard, it's still in 4:3 ratio ...

    That actually doesn't surprise me. Widescreen wasn't a common format back in 1994 - thus, the show would have been recorded originally with VHS tapes in mind. I know that some kind of video magic can be done to make them widescreen, but that must degrade the quality of the video somewhat.

    If they could have made it 16:9 and kept the original quality, I think they would have done it. (They're certainly charging enough for the full boxset to have done it.)

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • I only bought the digital remixes. And they sound quite fresh! Also like the alternate version of High Hopes

    What about the Blu-rays and the 5.1 mixes. Can anybody tell us something about that?