TotW 01/04/2020 - 01/10/2020: GENESIS - No Son Of Mine

  • Getting back to the lyric, there's a very minor thing that makes me smile as it brings to mind my English teacher Mr Jeffries. He advised against ambiguity, such as "I scratched my head with my dog by my side." He'd point out you weren't literally using the dog by your side to scratch your head. Similarly - "I rang the bell with my heart in my mouth" would've had him asking if the narrator had his heart clenched between his teeth while pushing it against the doorbell.

    "This morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. What it was doing in my pyjamas, I'll never know." Groucho Marx.

    I don't think the rules that apply to writing literature apply to poetry or song. There's a raft of lyrics out there that one could easily pick apart if they were to subject them to the rules espoused by Strunk and White :)

  • I love the keyboard line in the chorus that continues playing under "Those words how they hurt me..." - classic Banks, the sort of thing only he can come up with.

    Abandon all reason