Good Phil Collins Covers

  • Young musician from Russia, Alyona Yarushina

    Alyona's a big fan of Phil's live version. And that is the one that inspired her to make a cover of this song. And its the one she is covering here. She released this video to You Tube in November after working on it over a period of several months. Alyona usually has a pool of songs in various stages of completion that she can keep going back to with "fresh ears". And she figures out everything by ear.

    Alyona recorded the instrumental herself, and she is playing it entirely on her keyboard. Her lead voice is a clean vocal, but she has added an effect (phaser) to her back vocals. This gives her voice a bit of echo and makes the song more atmospheric. Similar to a vocoder that Phil used.

    "This instrumental I did completely by myself on my keyboards. All the recording, mixing, mastering, filming, editing and uploading I do by myself in my little home studio." - Alyona

  • Steve H

    Changed the title of the thread from “Alyona's In The Air Tonight Cover” to “Good Phil Collins Covers”.
  • New video from Alyona. She moved to Florida back in March, all of her Moscow videos now complete and uploaded to You Tube. So this is the first song she chose to record in her new studio.