Back to the Pavilion: NOR side / SOR side

  • On the original vinyl of PRIVATE PARTS & PIECES II: BACK TO THE PAVILION, Side 1 is called "N.O.R. Side" and Side 2 is called "S.O.R. Side". I recently came across something (in an interview that I can't find now) that said this was some kind of joke on the phrase "A.O.R." but didn't explain it further.

    Actually... I had always assumed it meant "North of Record" and "South of Record"!

    It often takes more wisdom to unlearn what's wrong than to learn what's right.

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  • I believe that the N.O.R. / S.O.R. reference for the two sides of the vinyl release of Back To The Pavilion is indeed a joke based on AOR - this being so that Side One is the Northern Orientated Rock side, to tie in with Scottish Suite.

    In a similar vein, there are other references to the different sides of vinyl releases on Ant's albums in a sporting context with the 'First Half' and 'Second Half' used on the UK vinyl release of Sides and the Home / Away sides on the first Private Parts and Pieces album.