Your favorite tracks on ... "Abacab"

  • Just gave it a spin as I haven't in a while, and enjoyed it even more than I remember. Captures the feeling known as "wistful" perfectly. I especially like the first chorus, as they are different from each other, the melancholy little piano fill that comes on after "put another record on...".

    Agreed. I love the the floating feeling I get from the musical intro to Another Record. Also there is great piano and Ringo-type drum fills throughout the song. It occurs to me if the band had chosen to put the entire Dodo Suite on Abacab that Submarine would have transitioned nicely into Another Record.

  • 41st release anniversary of this very special album. So celebrate and play Abacab at least twice today ;)




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  • as an impressionable teenager when this came out, it still rates highly for me, and a distinct slight change of direction. Still play on a regular basis, and not many tracks that I don't like....and think the closing 3 tracks are strong and often overlooked. The album version of Abacab is great and was even better live at the time.

    still seems strange that didnt play any of the album on last tour, but then nothing from Trick either!