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    GENESIS - Congo

    Year: 1997
    Album: Calling All Stations
    Working title: Congo
    Credits: Banks/Rutherford
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 04:53
    Musicians: Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Ray Wilson, Nir Z.
    Played Live: 1997, 1998
    Cover versions: --

    Notes: Congo was the first single from their last studio album, Calling All Stations. It featured a new singer, Ray Wilson, and drummer Nir Z. A modern music video was produced, but the single was released after the album release and entered the UK singles charts at #29. The video featured an edit of the song, which fades out early and doesn't contain the bridge and last verse.
  • I like the single edit better, but best of all would be if the song went on a little longer and had a real ending, like when it was played live.

    BTW, does anyone know what the sampled voices say after "Congo hey Congo?" (Or whose voices they are?)

    "I don't belong here," said old Tessa out loud...

  • A very frustrating song for me. It starts well, the chanting with the keyboard line phasing in, then the chords and the shift into the main body of the song all make an excellent intro. It was the first CAS track I heard, and I straight away liked the darker feel and RW's voice, then that strong chorus. So far so good.

    Then it just sort of deflates. A really lame and superfluous keyboard solo leads into what sounds like it's shaping up to be an extended middle section. I imagined it taking us on a diversion and routing us neatly back to the chorus and a conclusion. Errrr but no it just fades right there! If this song was a graph it would start on a high upward curve, plateau and then plummet. A great big disappointment of an initially promising song.

    Abandon all reason

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  • 3, CAS overall (to me) wasn't Genesis, in the strictest sense, it was the Banks/Rutherford band. The only redeeming track in my view from that album was "The Dividing Line", which would have been even better if done as a pure instrumental.

  • 3, CAS overall (to me) wasn't Genesis, in the strictest sense, it was the Banks/Rutherford band. The only redeeming track in my view from that album was "The Dividing Line", which would have been even better if done as a pure instrumental.

    Obviously a valid opinion, personally however, I would have a hard time thinking that Rutherford and most of all Banks are not Genesis or are able to generate anything that doesnt sound like Genesis, particularly the latter.

    He is a founding member, doubtlessly the most prolific writer within the band, his keyboards sound massively defined the band's sound, on occasion too much imo but Ok.

    His chords and chords changes, melodies, moods and atmospheres are quintessentially Genesis, he literally cannot play anything without sounding like Genesis, to the point that his solo career sounded, on occasions, rather pointless.
    I cannot even begin to list how many times he and Mike collaborated on Genesis songs, TOTT, for instance, from a songwriting perspective is overwhelmingly their album.

    He has been aknowledged by the others, including Peter, Steve and Phil as the backbone and cornerstone of the band,. Tony Stratton-Smith has said several times, he is the one member that could have nor been replaced.

    With that in mind, we can say that perhaps he wasn't on his strongest form on that album and definetely Phil was sorely missed, as well as the chemistry they created amongst the three of them but to me for instance, whether I like it or less and I'm not crazy about it, that album sounds more Genesis than most of the stuff on IT or WCD.

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  • I'm the one who voted "outstanding"!

    I've always felt that this was one of the standout tracks on the album, showing real promise as to where the band could have gone. I like the darker tone and the greater emphasis on the guitar (is it a synth guitar?) and I thought the vocal line was ideal for Ray Wilson's range. The drums are sparse and Nir Z plays some tasty fills. And the middle eight is just beautiful!

    It should have been longer, though. The first time I heard it, I thought the end section was actually the start of another song so it was a real shame that it faded out so quickly. However, editing software is freely available for the amateur mixers amongst us and I've cobbled together a longer mix that, to my ears, sounds just right.

  • I gave it 12. I like the song a lot just wish it was a bit longer. One of the best songs on the album

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