Your favorite tracks on ... "... And Then There Were Three ..."

  • Your favorite tracks on "And Then There Were Three" - pick THREE 74

    1. Down And Out (30) 41%
    2. Undertow (31) 42%
    3. Ballad Of Big (8) 11%
    4. Snowbound (16) 22%
    5. Burning Rope (27) 36%
    6. Deep In The Motherlode (23) 31%
    7. Many Too Many (21) 28%
    8. Scenes From A Night's Dream (10) 14%
    9. Say It's Alright Joe (9) 12%
    10. The Lady Lies (20) 27%
    11. Follow You, Follow Me (24) 32%

    Hi everybody!

    I'd like to carry on with the album song polls. So this time it's ...And then there were three. Select three tracks as usual.

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  • One of their weaker albums for me. I favour all the albums up to this one bit I do think Down and Out is a great start (incidentally The Musical Box did a stunning version of this in Birmingham). The Undertow is a lovely, sad and poignant piece and Follow You Follow Me is a really well written and performed short song. The rest of the album is pleasant enough but I expect more than pleasant from this band.

  • Motherlode, Lady Lies, and the easy winner, Many too many! FYFM would be 4th, the rest are unrated by me.


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  • Very straightforward as there's almost nothing on this album I actually like: Down & Out, Many Too Many, Undertow.

    FYFM is good, Motherlode sort of ok (I have some affection for it as the punchy opening number of the first two Genesis gigs I ever saw) and the rest I'm happy to never hear again. I know I've bored on about it elsewhere but Scenes is a strong contender for my most hated Genesis track.

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  • I absolutely love this album. My choices were:

    Follow You Follow Me

    Deep in the Motherlode


    Snowbound is on the same level as Undertow for me, but I went with the latter.

  • Lady Lies is my favorite

    then the lively and adorable Scenes from a nights dream

    third is Snowbound - I always had an affection for this track.

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  • Undertow. Might be my favourite Genesis track of all. Difficult to say exactly why it’s my No. 1; I guess it’s that very personal reason of ‘it just is’.

    FYFM second; love the coda

    Snowman third.

    An underrated album in my opinion, unfairly maligned (at least I have the impression that it’s relatively unloved my a number of fans).

  • This one was probably the easiest of these polls for me. Down and Out, Burning Rope and Deep in the Motherlode. I always felt like DaO was an important song for the band, much like DoaV, since they were album openers during a time of band transition (Steve an Peter's departure, respectively). While DaO doesn't deliver the punch of DoaV, it's still a pretty powerful song. Undertow is solid. Unlike many, I have a soft spot for Ballad of Big and Scenes just because I like the stories. I generally skip the rest. Although FYFM has been growing on me since seeing it performed in 2007. It's a song I generally couldn't stand before that.

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    For me


    Burning Rope

    Deep In The Motherlode

    It's an album I could never really dive into - although it has some memorable tracks

  • For me it's Burning Rope, Follow You, Follow me, and Many Too Many.

    I don't know what it is about this album, but it has never clicked for me. I'm not sure if it's the songs, the arrangements, or the sound of the production, but I've always had a hard time getting into this one.

  • In a recent interview with the band, Tony revealed that Phil wrote the lyrics to Down And Out (Phil claimed not to remember) and Mike was asked if he based the guitar riff on Pretty Vacant by The Pistols (Mike claimed not to remember, too).

  • Unlike every one of the albums after it (where Genesis proved beyond doubt they were just fine as they were), this is the one Genesis album as a three-piece where I wished Steve had been still with the band. Mike wasn't quite ready to be a lead guitarist yet. He got there on the next album and beyond, but this album would have been a great one (or at least a better one) had Steve still been there.

    In any case, this was the album that really introduced me to the band. I loved FYFM when I first heard it. When I heard the whole album, I liked many tracks: The Lady Lies, Many Too Many (which got my other two votes), Burning Rope...lots of good individual tracks. It just didn't hang together as a cohesive whole to my ears. I pull it out when I'm tired of listening to the albums I play more regularly. It initially attracts my attention, then enjoy the whole album. When I finish listening to it, I'm happy I did so - however, it also reminds me why I don't listen to it more often. It then rediscovers its customary place near the bottom of my Genesis playlist.

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  • this is the one Genesis album as a three-piece where I wished Steve had been still with the band. Mike wasn't quite ready to be a lead guitarist yet

    I agree. It seemed that they never even considered replacing Steve from outside the band, given how successful they'd been in consolidating the departure of Peter from within. Had Steve stayed for one more album, though, then Mike would still not have been ready to be the guitarist when Steve left (and Steve leaving the band was always on the cards, I think) so we would have had the same transitional album that And Then There Were Three was. The weakness of the album is a price worth paying for the sheer brilliance of what came after. Listen to Mike's playing on Duke, which is much more self-assured.

  • I remember going to the record shop (Stylus 4 in Cheltenham) the day it was released and taking it home wondering what the new sound would be . I was thrilled to bits listening to it . It's a great album. No real weak spots as far I m concerned. It has a great feel to it throughout.

    Despite the fact that it's around 50 minutes my only complaint was that it was too short. I would have loved there to have been more. Undertow and SIAJ are the standouts for me however I would have loved those tracks in particular to have been extended . I imagine how they could've taken off even more with a few extra minutes each . Maybe that because Mike didn't have the confidence or that they deliberately wanted to keep everything short. I suppose the old show biz adage about keep them wanting more is true. My other choice was the beautiful MTM. Burning Rope is also one of favourites.