Your favorite tracks on ... "Wind & Wuthering"

  • Your favorite tracks on "Wind & Wuthering" - pick THREE 81

    1. Blood On The Rooftops (61) 75%
    2. One For The Vine (47) 58%
    3. Afterglow (38) 47%
    4. Eleventh Earl Of Mar (36) 44%
    5. ... In That Quiet Earth (30) 37%
    6. All In A Mouse's Night (9) 11%
    7. Wot Gorilla? (7) 9%
    8. Your Own Special Way (4) 5%
    9. Unquiet Slumber For The Sleepers ... (4) 5%
  • This one's tough because of having Unquiet Slumbers, In That Quiet Earth and Afterglow broken up.

    In the end I ended up with just In That Quiet Earth, with Blood on the Rooftops and Eleventh Earl of Mar keeping it company.

    In my mind choosing favorite "tracks" from Wind and Wuthering is harder than a lot of Genesis albums because I rank W&W highly because of how well it works as as an album. To me this one is much greater than the sum of its parts...

  • Tough to choose as W&W is one my favourites — a top 3 or 4 album for me.

    I like every single track and enjoy it from beginning to end.

    BOTR is my No. 1 but then there are at least three tracks tied at No. 2.

    I went with One For The Vine and Afterglow but on another day I might have replaced one of those with Eleventh Earl of Mar.

    Nice to see some votes for Wot Gorilla? — one of the commonly (and IMO unfairly) maligned tracks on the album.

  • In the end I ended up with just In That Quiet Earth, with Blood on the Rooftops and Eleventh Earl of Mar keeping it company.

    Same as my top 3. Blood on the Rooftops is my favorite Genesis song overall, and Eleventh is definitely in the top 10 (or fewer).

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  • I voted for Vine and Mar as two decent long songs, a bit of drama and romance, nice chords, good guitar, well sung and performed but not perfect. Blood on the Rooftops is one of their best in my opinion and would stand up to most things by most bands.

  • I was tempted to vote for ‘Your Own Special Way’, but on listening again I’ve concluded that it would have gone in there but for the chorus; I really like it up to that point. Went with the current Top 3. I do like the Autumnal feel of ‘Unquiet Slumber....’ but couldn’t justify it when considering the other tracks. Overall, though, a great album. Certainly one of my favourites.

  • Tough choice! Went with Vine, Unquiet Slumbers/Quiet Earth (it's one song-I don't care what the band says. for the record, my vote was for Quiet Earth) and Wot Gorilla. Blood, Afterglow and Earl are right there. While Blood on the Rooftops is a beautiful piece, it has never resonated with me like it does with most other fans. I know All in a Mouse's Night isn't a fan favorite, but I've always dug the story of the song. The only song I don't like on this record is YOSW. Don't do much skipping when listening to this album.

  • I continue to be astounded by the lack of fanfare All In A Mouse's Night gets. Only 4 votes? :O

    I think it is one of those classical songs that seemed a great idea at the time but after a while…. Not so much, to me at least. I love almost everything Tony does but he really went overboard here and I .still feel for Phil, having to sing those lyrics. The verses are nice, there is no real chorus, not in Banks' fashion anyway, it's simply a crescendo but not a great one.I still love the coda though, great job from Steve finding a bit of space above all those keyboards.

  • Blood, because it's a no-brainer

    Earl, because it rocks and is my fave of the three tracks pointing to the band's future

    Vine, because I can't vote for Slumbers/Earth as one piece

    All in all an excellent album with a stronger atmosphere than Trick.

  • Blood On The Rooftops, In That Quiet Earth and Eleventh Earl Of Mar.

    I love this album apart from the chorus and electric piano section of Your Own Special Way. I wanted to vote for Mouse's Night, with its terrific contrast between the verses from the humans and mouse's perspectives, and finally from the cat's, followed by that classic Hackett solo. Great piece. But its competition on that album is awfully strong!

    I've never been as enamoured with One For The Vine as most fans are. I love the middle instrumental section of course, that's pure, classic Genesis. I find the main song a bit dull though. I know that's sacrilege to some people.

  • Eleventh Earl of Mar, Blood on the Rooftops and Unquiet Slumber For The Sleepers (+ ...In that Quiet Earth - severing those two makes no sense at all)

    I love this album unconditionally, bar 'One for the Vine' (cloying and pointless pap).

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