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  • Morning Christian

    Got on with O2 Priority yesterday, search for best seats - got allocated 2 on the floor.


    £179...................... EACH

    So disgusted I let the tickets go.

    Phil can't drum, he can barely walk, no Chester & no sniff of Hackett or Gabriel.:(

    I will prefer to remember them live as they were in 2007 - when the ticket was £75 & the band was top class.

    If you want to pay, fine - not an issue - but I think they are being greedy.:rolleyes:

    Have seen the band so many times - this is a tour too many.:)

  • I accessed the Glasgow pre-sale yesterday as a SSE customer and treated myself to a VIP package. Yes, absurd price but not something I've done before or likely to do again.

    This morning I went to the O2 site and joined (appropriately enough!) the presale waiting room. At 9, I got entered in the queue, waited about 2 mins and went through to the sales page. Selected a front block seat - all very smooth.

    I'm considering Belfast too when it goes up.

    Abandon all reason

  • Regarding prices, daft as it may seem but I've often heard before that artists have no involvement with setting ticket prices. Can anyone verify this?

    Agreed - I'm not accusing the band of being greedy, but the promoters will charge as much as we are willing to pay ;)

  • Agreed - I'm not accusing the band of being greedy, but the promoters will charge as much as we are willing to pay ;)

    I totally understand your decision. I've been in that position before with artists I especially like, and reluctantly letting tickets go due to silly prices, and in one case while the ticket price wasn't too bad the service charge was over 30% and on principle I released it.

    With this tour, I'm in a fortunate enough position to be able to not feel the pinch but my teeth were still gritted as I clicked the PAY button.

    Abandon all reason

  • I released a block A seat for Newcastle at £181 hoping further back would be less. It wasn't and I ended up getting a ticket in block C at the same cost. Greedy promoters etc etc

    "I'm feeling so confused today
    They've gone and changed the rules again,,,"

  • I hovered around various sites earlier, Manchester Arena was impossible to get onto (which didn't bother me too much as its a sh*thole, but nearest to home), I toyed with Liverpool and Birmingham and after 1 hour 45mins I got 3 tix at the (general) top price of £160 (so 540 odd quid with rip off add ons) at Leeds. We are fairly central, two thirds of the way back (I saw Neil Young and Promise of the Real at First Direct Arena and I like the way it's shaped/built). But purchasing that late meant that when you went on to Arena X ticket page, Ticketbastard actually listed exactly where they were and the prices. A lot of the front blocks and even side tier fist level front were showing at the 'vip' fan package prices of £700 or £350 (or whatever they are exactly) which IMO is frankly taking the piss! Yes, I know that 'no-one has to buy, its all about choice etc', my excuse I'm 60 later this year, I've loved Genesis for over 45 years, I didn't get to see them until the 'Duke' tour, then 'Abacab' at the NEC, I was at Milton Keynes, Roundhay Park '87, Old Trafford '07 and no-one knows what tomorrow might bring, but 'big' gig prices are truly getting out of hand.

  • I'm surprised at these prices. I think Steve's 'Second Out' ticket prices were around £50 or so when I looked the other day, making them look like a bargain in comparison.

    "She looks at me and gently smiles, as if she knew I'd ask her all the time..."

  • Had a look at Leeds via Live Nation at 9:45 this morning and it showed four tiers of ticket prices. 1 being closest to stage and 4 furthest away:

    1. 183

    2. 136

    3. 90ish

    4. 69ish.

    Thought 3 or 4 seemed reasonable - especially with all the concerns regarding what Phil will be able to so - but unable to find any mulitiple tickets together as possibly a group of 4 of us wanting to go. Best I could bring up was single tickets in Tier 1. Really not sure I'm willing to pay 150% more than I paid for Old Trafford in 2007 - which was the first time I'd managed to see them live - so I didn't take it any further other than letting the rest of my group know the price.

    Had a look again a bit later at 11:30 to see if anything had changed. It had, now it was easy to find blocks of four tickets but the prices had rocketed. Tier 1-3 is £183, most of Tier 4 is £136 although some Platinum tickets in the same area are £161. Last looked about 20mins ago and nothing much has changed. At the minute waiting to see what the rest of my group are going to do. I might suck it and see if they all go but if left to own devices I may give it a miss happy in the knowledge I got the see the Genesis I know best in 2007.

    I've also noticed there are 2 day gaps between each gig. I wonder if there potentially there are some reserve dates in there in case extra nights need to be added to meet demand?

  • Got 3 tickets for Newcastle, Block A - Row J for £181 each. Pricey tickets but looking around nearby, two rows ahead of me are going for over £700 and in the row behind me, tickets going for £330...crazy!

    Got mine from Livenation which was easy enough to use once registered with them, but tried Ticketmaster and got nowhere with them, just a constant spinning wheel.

  • After a lot of messing about, 2 near misses and a fortunate piece of timing I managed to get couple of cheap seats at the back at Leeds 2nd night. Was a price I was happy to pay so don't mind the location although even within individual sections the pricing seemed bizarre. Too many special tickets with extras I feel.

  • Got two £136 tickets for the front row of upper tier nearest the stage at Manchester on Weds 9th Dec (the added day there), after the Tuesday venue presale yesterday offered nothing under £181 or the £330-£766 packages. I guess the promoters know which bands have affluent fans who’ll pay up for what’s probably the last chance to see them!