What Phil Collins shows have you seen?

  • What PC shows have you been to?

    I saw him twice, once on the No Jacket Required tour and once for the But Seriously tour.

    At the second show I was pretty much over Phil already. I went because my brother did. I didn’t really get into his later albums until recently when I “took a look at him” again.

  • I saw him on three consecutive tours: The Serious Tour, Both Sides Tour and Trip Into The Light. I remember the venues but the dates are a bit tricky (well, it was a long time ago).

    For The Serious Tour it was one of the dates at the NEC in 1990. I remember Chester Thompson's son, Peter, joining them to play percussion on Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore. Phil was in excellent form that night, joking that Peter fitted well into the band because he only had one eye (English humour).

    For the Both Sides Tour it was the show at the G-Mex on November 29 1994. At the time it was public knowledge that his marriage was on the rocks so there was an unpleasant, gossipy vibe amongst some of the more casual fans before the show. His monologue before I Wish It Would Rain Down seemed to be a comment on what was going on in his life and, as a way of addressing the elephant in the room, it went down very well. There was a lot of humour in the band introductions, too.

    The last show of Phil's that I saw was at Earl's Court in 1997. I'm not sure of the date but I'm thinking it was towards the end of the year. Anyway, I thought it was fantastic. A new stage production saw him performing in the round and the band walked through the crowd to get to the stage, opening with the most amazing version of Hand In Hand I'd ever heard.

  • Hannover, 3rd September 1994

    Frankfurt, 23rd October 1997

    Dortmund, 21st November 1997

    Dortmund, 23rd November 1997

    Dortmund, 11th December 1997

    Cologne, 9th July 1998

    Hamburg, 8th November 2002

    Milwaukee, 7th September 2004

    New York City, 17th September 2004

    New York City, 18th September 2004

    Düsseldorf, 12th November 2005

    Düsseldorf, 13th November 2005

    Sheffield, 24th November 2017

  • Phil Collins?

    13th December 1997 - Earls Court - Trip Into The Light tour

    6th November 2002 - The Scala, London - Testify showcase / BBC Radio 2 show

    19th November 2005 - S.E.C.C Glasgow, Final Farewell - that day Genesis met up to discuss a reunion.

    4th June 2017 - The Royal Albert Hall, London - Not Dead Yet

    3rd December 2017 - The Genting Arena (NEC), Birmingham - Not Dead Yet.

    Out of all of those shows the first two in 97/02 were the best.



  • Both Sides, Wembley & Final Farewell, also at Wembley. I'm useless remembering dates - I can barely remember the years.

    Absolutely loved the Both Sides gig, from the unique stage design, changed lineup with Ricky Lawson and Nathan East (although at that point I'd never seen him live with Chester and Leland), and the setlist, it was an incredible experience. Final Farewell was slightly less impressive to me. Wasn't convinced by the endless backing vocalists, top singers that they all were, and the setlist containing the odd song from Testify and Tarzan, which weren't my favourites. That said, you can't fail to enjoy the drum kit rising from the stage for ITAT, and the emotional quality to it being potentially amongst his last performances still made it a spacial occasion. I still look back with some disappointment at missing the Dance into the Light tour - I think I had exams at the time. Looked like a high energy tour and great setlist.

  • I may add PRAGUE this year ....