[SPOILERS] GENESIS 2021 setlist discussion

  • ^ I suppose we need to bear in mind that at this rehearsal stage not everything tried out will make the set. So that particular one might still fall by the wayside. I hope not though.

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  • I'm surprised to hear about that track, given that Phil couldn't get behind it for the 2007 tour. It also has a fairly muscular vocal, which does not seem to fit his current ability.

    Perhaps they'll just do the instrumental section, maybe as part of a medley. I'd certainly love to hear Nic on that track.

  • Here is the set list I expect them to play on the LD tour:

    Turn It On Again

    No Son of Mine

    Blood on the Rooftops or Many Too Many

    Land of Confusion




    Domino/ The Last Domino

    Hold On My Heart

    Follow You Follow Me

    In The Cage/ Cinema Show/ Afterglow

    Throwing It All Away

    Drum Duet

    Los Endos

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch

    I Can't Dance

    Carpet Crawlers

  • i guess they will play domino, since they have named the tour after that song. :/ (the second part of it, to be precise).

    i think this time they will have more freedom to play unexpected songs. 2007's tour was pretty much a greatest hits tour.

  • That looks pretty close to me. They might decide to drop In The Cage as in favour of some different older songs. My guess would be:

    ~Set 1~

    Turn it On Again

    No Son of Mine

    That's All

    Land of Confusion

    Home By The Sea (first part only?)

    Follow You Follow Me


    Throwing it all Away

    Jesus He Knows Me

    ~Set 2~

    Dance on a Volcano

    Lamb Lies Down on Broadway


    Man on the Corner


    I Can't Dance

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch



    I Know What I like

  • I think there will need to be quite a lot of instrumental sections if Phil's voice is going to cope, especially without the benefit of the backing singers he had on his solo tour.

  • 2007's tour was pretty much a greatest hits tour.

    I don't think so, you know. I think it was really a collection of stuff that they'd found worked well in concert over the years. Not so much a "greatest hits", more a collection of classics. Of course the hits were going to feature - as Phil recently said, there are certain songs which fans will be expecting them to play: I Can't Dance, Invisible Touch etc. - but these were balanced out by Ripples, Los Endos, Firth Of Fifth etc.

    This time out, I think the set will be adjusted more out of necessity than choice, and this will be because Phil's voice is in pretty poor shape these days and he can't play the drums.

  • If it's like this, I'm sure I'd enjoy it but I hope it isn't this as it's very close to 07 and I'm hoping that time and circumstances will dictate a significantly different kind of setlist. BOTR and MTM would be great of course but I feel are unlikely. But if the two songs named in current rehearsals make it into the set, it's an encouraging sign.

    Of course, it's nearly 6 months until the point they'll want a setlist nailed, so there's still a lot of thinking, testing, sifting and choosing to be done.

    I wonder if a different kind of physical set-up might result as well.

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  • From We Can't Dance I think they will play No Son Of Mine and I Can't Dance. I think it would be a good opportunity to bring back Fading Lights as it's viewed by many as their "swan song."

    Invisible Touch, Domino, and Throwing It All Away have a good chance of making it to the setlist.

    I highly doubt Mama will make it because of how demanding the vocals are. I think they could still pull off Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea and they will probably put in That's All from the Genesis album.

    Abacab is too close to call as is Duke.

  • I love Fading Lights and it is indeed their swan song. They pitched it down on the tour but I don't know how far down they'd have to take it now for Phil to manage that vocal line. It would be good to hear That's All again because it's a classic.

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    Fading Lights is also one of my favorites.

    I really hope they dig our 3-4 rare tracks

  • Fading Lights would be lovely and fitting. It does go a bit high for Phil's current range (up to G when keyed in A), but doesn't require much heft or aggression. So they could probably key it down a bit more (e.g. to G), which is simple for Tony. Mike might require his guitars to be set up tuned a whole note down or something.

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    in a recent discussion with Mojo magazine, the band has revealed further tracks they think about playing.

  • in a recent discussion with Mojo magazine, the band has revealed further tracks they think about playing.

    Depending on the selection from point 4, all except the first one of point 3 sound good to me (I think that one's OK but for me would take up too much space and I'd rather it made way for 2 or 3 better shorter ones or a similarly long older one).

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  • I think it's a huge shame that the last time they went out on the road, only the "hits" from We Can't Dance were played. I'd love them to revisit that album and play some of the other stuff, specifically the one mentioned in the above spoiler because it's an epic track and one of the best tunes on the album.