[SPOILERS] GENESIS 2021 setlist discussion

  • I love Duchess but having just watched the video of Misunderstanding from last night there is no doubting that they did it very well. Really liked the signing and the backing vocalists add much to this version. It seemed to go down very well on the night. I hope they somehow do both in London in March when I finally get to see this tour.

  • They made the right call. I was there last night, and they played the hell out of Misunderstanding. Can't believe it was the first time live in how many years? 28? Sounded strong and powerful, and the crowd ate it up. I myself, like the song - don't love it, but like it.

    It sounded great. Can't wait to hear it again tonight. Despite what some may think, the majority of people at the venue love the pop stuff. IKWIL received a somewhat lukewarm reception.

  • I would much rather have both songs in every show. I enjoy them both overall. But if I could have only one, it would definitely be Duchess.

    Having said that, it would be nice if they considered alternating Duchess and Misunderstanding at the venues where they are playing multiple shows.

    Too late for Chicago, but for multi-night stands, I'd put Duchess at the 1st show, for the diehard fans who bought tickets right away. And Misunderstanding for the 2nd show, for the more casual fans who took their time buying tickets. I don't know.

    Whatever, they're going to play what they want.

  • you lucky Americans hearing 'Misunderstanding'

    The video from YouTube video I saw of it doesn't sound great but could be a number of factors. No doubt more recordings will come along

  • Hey folks,

    Just got home from the second Chicago show and the setlist was the same as the first night.

    Took a whole day for me to accept no Duchess, but I just thought I was glad to be in the building with Genesis.

    Otherwise great show, very loud most of the show, started at 810, ended at 1030, my wife's first Genesis concert and was bowled over.

    Hope you all enjoy the shows your scheduled to get to.

    These are the days of our lives, so remember.

  • I know this discussion is now becoming kind of "pointless" since the tour has begun, but I like to think about alternative choices they could make (just as a game). Especially because we know some songs were rehearsed and didn't make the cut...

    - Instead of playing Turn It On Again, they could segue Duke's Intro with Abacab (only the sung part, without the instrumental part, like the single): it's the same kind of straight 8th notes pattern as TIOA. It should work in G, like TIOA now. That way, we have a track from the Abacab album in the setlist. Mike would play the bass and Daryl the guitar, since it's what they are playing for Duke's Intro ;

    - Playing Misunderstanding, and then Duchess ;

    - I like the country feel of "That's All", but they also could choose Supper's ready (only the Lovers Leap section).

    - Instead of The Lamb, why not Ripples (without the instrumental part) ? We would have a track from Trick of the Tail (I admit that its omission in the setlist kind of disturbs me, it's like there is something missing...)

    - As a final second encore after Carpet Crawlers (I am specifically thinking about the London Shows, their very last), why not the closing section of Musical Box in D instead of F#, maybe segueing into the closing section of Watcher of the Skies in D also (you know, with a slow rubato transition, like when they played It>WOTS in 1976 or The Lamb>WOTS in 1982)

    I would be very happy with that, because all the albums, except CAS, would have been played at least a little (for Trespass, there is the Stagnation bit in IKWIL).

  • - Instead of The Lamb, why not Ripples (without the instrumental part) ? We would have a track from Trick of the Tail (I admit that its omission in the setlist kind of disturbs me, it's like there is something missing...)

    i would have liked at least one song from 'a trick of the tail', either ripples or other. los endos wasn't an option, i guess, because an all-instrumental piece with phil off-stage would have seemed odd.

  • The one song I would have liked to hear was Los Endos. Nic would have killed it.

    Remember - that they played what they knew. On Chicago night 1 - the ending of Domino was done in error. Yesterday - I had the VIP ticket and when they let us in the venue and led us to dinner, the band was sound checking. I stuck my head in - and they were working on the ending of Domino again - trying to get the timing right.

    Last night - they nailed it, and Phil and Mike looked at each other and smiled. I know that look...ending a song is the most difficult part. :)

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  • I am a bit surprised they changed the set for North America - I thought they would have sticked to the regular set from the UK. We all know they didn't do Jesus he knows me and Hold on my heart in the end, although it was rehearsed and also printed on shirts. Abacab was also done during rehearsals, so Misunderstanding was a little surprise. Nevertheless, I expect Duchess to be back in the set in Europe 2022 - or maybe Abacab? Who knows ... But I don't think they will do Misunderstanding in Europe.

  • Because the instrumental part is mandatory ? :)

    I know, and I agree, but in the context of a medley, I'm ready to sacrifice it...

    Nothing is mandatory if course, I just happen to think it makes the song. One of Steve's finest moments in Genesis imo.

    I get your point about the medley context, I guess I've never really been a medleys fan.

  • I'm surprised they went through with it; in 2007 didn't Tony discussing dropping "Ripples..." for "In Too Deep," which of course they didn't go through with.

    And if anything needs to replace "Lamb" in the acoustic set, it's gotta be "Lover's Leap." I'm really upset they're not representing "SR" at all for the last tour. "Entangled" could've gone there as well, would've worked well with the backing vocalists.

    My ideal swaps:

    "Behind the Lines" for "Abacab"

    The whole medley for "Misunderstanding," "In Too Deep," and "Squonk."

    "Lamb" for "Lover's Leap."

    And put back "Duchess."

  • Someone posted on a facebook page that US merch was available, went to the setlist shirt, it's a bit different than the current set even with the US change.

    that was the intended set for the UK tour. Jesus was dropped as Phil had trouble with the speed, no info about Hold on my heart, but we can assume the set was too long in general.

    Speaking of Duchess, it could happen it will be back in the set tonight, so let's see...

  • Understandable.

    What I like in Genesis medleys are not the songs being abridged, but the way they usually find a transition between one song and the other. I know it's quite specific, it only lasts a few seconds, but that's my thing.

    This is why, maybe, I'm a little disappointed - but very little...- by the current Fading Lights/Cinema Show transition. I would have liked a smoother one, even if the way they play it makes sense ("Remember...").