GENESIS - Which shows of THE LAST DOMINO? UK / European Tour 2021/22 will you see?

  • I wasn't too sure and haven't bought any tickets. But the trailer etc made me think, so maybe I will try to see a show in the UK or Dublin, if it's possible to travel (and not too expensive etc)

  • Have a ticket to the first Dublin show but eyeing up Birmingham night 2 as a potential replacement if public health advice in the Republic of Ireland won't let mass gatherings take place

    Can't see that band postponing the whole tour if they can do 17 out of 19 of the shows (ie all the UK dates and not Dublin ones)

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  • whichever one they (hopefully) make into a DVD (unless they come to the states next year)

    I guess I'll be trying to go now haha! ... as long as this supposed pre-sale goes better than it did back in 2007 (it was not as promised to say the least)

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    We want to see both Glasgow shows, but will decide whether or not we're going in early September. I still have doubts they really can do it. And if they do it, it could still happen that fans who have tickets for Dublin have to wait longer...

  • Birmingham night 2 is my backup plan if/when Dublin gets cancelled or rescheduled

    No flights/Hotel or gig Ticket for Birmingham yet but I'm hoping we'll have clarity soon for both the gigs and travel arrangements (fully vaccinated Irish citizen).

    Would those hotel/ticket packages work out the best for me in that instance ?

  • Everything after Dublin is our backup. Recently I contacted all venues as there are 4 governments involved and they hope that they can allow access without discrimination. Still they are discussing with governments. Hope is for final decisions in early August. Anyway, if people are not a citizen of Great Britain nor Ireland they will have problems to enter the region. Of course you could just enter 10 days early and get your test results right on time.

    All they can say today is that everything is subject to change at any time.

    So the sad thing is we will only know when September 15th has come. Not the best information to plan anything. So let's reschedule as no foreigner (from UK's point of view) will be able to travel there. Vaccination does not help either because as Scotland told me you need the UK approved stuff.

    Today I found Eric Clapton's statement on the situation and Genesis should go the same way. Of course only time will tell what right or wrong.


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    The UK tour comes closer .... any additions or corrections here?

  • They have finally changed regulations for vaccinated people from the EU, so fingers crossed!

    Also, despite all predictions, COVID numbers in the UK are going down, that's also good news.

    ... make tomorrow today!

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    I think by the time October comes around infections, hospitalisations and deaths won't be going down anymore. Basically opening the borders and with no rules in place isn't going to end well

    we had many discussions in Germany about travel rules, but as I am thinking about coming to the UK for Genesis and keeping in mind that infection rates are 10-20 times higher in the UK than in Germany, it was pretty ridiculous to have vaccinated people quarantined. This rule is fine now so chances are good we might be able to see genesis.
    nevertheless we are still monitoring the situation

  • Hello one and all.

    I've got 2 tickets , which are now for the 25th September, Manchester.

    When I originally booked them, for the December 2020, then April 2021, we had also booked flights and accommodation. (We live in Auckland, New Zealand. ) So had planned a couple weeks or so back in the UK.

    When we booked the tickets ( when ever they were officially released) we had only just started hearing about this virus in China and did not expect it to spread and to be so virulent. As the year went by and the virus took hold, and the concerts were rescheduled we still held out hope that covid would burn out..

    With foreign travel being on hold for a long time, the flights thankfully were refunded. And I have been watching to see if this third reschedule would also be pushed out to a better and safer time. It looks though like I am out of luck.

    ... So, although I not 'Selling England By The Pound' I would like to sell my tickets...

    I am struggling with Ticket Master UK ; They require a UK bank account (or one on the list of approved countries, which New Zealand is not one) for the funds to be transferred into if you sell the tickets through them. I've contacted them with regard getting a refund, one of their policies mentions if the concert does not go ahead on the original date planned they will refund.(I am guessing they will try to get out of this due to the rescheduling)

    Also, to add to the misery of trying to book flights and get back to the UK New Zealand is back in lock-down, having recently had Delta get into the community. After about 4 months of no infections in the community we all thought we were doing very well.!!

    Chances of us traveling back to the UK and getting all the covid test/vaccination paper work together, AND sort out the managed isolation stays at both ends of the travel, are very slim if non existent as I believe booking Managed Isolation is on hold.

    So.. Question to the masses....

    Does anyone on here want the tickets, 2 seats.. and is happy to transfer the funds to a New Zealand bank account?? I can use the Ticket Master 'transfer to another ticket master member' for the tickets if this eases any worries. Payments cleared etc..

    New to the site, but I assume there is a DM, or PM ability if you would like a private message??

    If you have got this far in the read, Well done.. and please respond if you like.

  • Oh man, what a pity, your whole story. I'm not in a position myself to go to that gig, much as I'd love to.

    The NZ approach has been the envy of many since the start, and I think history will judge Jacinda Ardern very favorably. Hopefully your country's vaccination program can catch up quickly and reduce the need for further lockdowns. One of my favorite stories of the whole pandemic was the anti-lockdown protest in NZ that garnered a huge crowd of one. One single idiot.

  • The original tickets bought for 2020 (from ticket quarter) still count for the new dates right?

    Had no refund so guessing they do

    Arena tickets for concerts are rarely shipped early, often its two weeks before the show or in some cases 48hours.

    Dublin/Belfast shows are not cancelled yet, but rescheduled... possibly as part of a 2022 tour.