What do we know about Serious Hits Live show ie Another Day in Paradise

  • I was watching Serious Hits Live and noticed something odd. During Another Day In Paradise performance, there is clearly a moment where Phil's eyes are open and another angle fades in but his eyes are closed and clearly does not match the previous angle. Just made me wonder is the show only from Berlin or were other shows recorded that make up the concert? Or is the song Another Day in Paradise cut and incomplete?

    I found the youtube clip that I'm referring to for other's to review and saved it at the spot where the inconsistency is:


    Check out and let me know what you think.

  • I see what you mean. I don't know the specifics for this release, but it is common practice to record several performances with the same clothes so that some splicing can occur. This can be useful if a particular camera misses a key shot or there are technical issues during a particular song.

  • StillCan'tDance,

    I wish he would release it on bluray!

    So do you think the scene was just edited (poorly at that) in that song if the whole concert is a cleaned up version of a live TV broadcast?

  • I agree it's most likely a splice from two different nights video. I wonder if Phil goofed up the lyrics 'cause right before the crossfade he has that look like he's thinking...