Best Live Version Of 'Mama'???

  • Just been listening to the 1990 Knebworth version of Mama.

    That made me wonder - which is the best live version of Mama available on youtube in your opinion?

    All recommendations will be enjoyed and listened too!



    "She looks at me and gently smiles, as if she knew I'd ask her all the time..."

  • The 1987 tour version of Mama was fantastic because it was the opening track and the intro went on forever. There might be a better live version with more atmospherics and theater somewhere else.

    Was Wembley the end of the tour?

  • I've always been partial to the Mama Tour video. They weren't cutting the ending short yet and I feel like Phil isn't having to push as hard to get the vocals out.

    Same here, and that dark eerie atmosphere with the awesome light show is the best. That tour had a light show that would knock your socks off.

  • That's a great version - thank you!

    Also enjoyed this version - many years later - but Phil still has it!!

    Genesis - Mama (from When in Rome 2007 DVD)

    "She looks at me and gently smiles, as if she knew I'd ask her all the time..."

  • The Mama Tour video is my favourite live version as Phil still has full command of the high notes. He takes fewer chances on later tours and they cut the song short also.

    That said, all tour versions are worth listening to.

  • You got my favorites above - the MAMA tour and the 2007 reunion had my favorite versions for different reasons: the first because it was the original tour where it was played and they really went for it; the second because Phil's more-aged voice actually added a new dimension to the overall sound - different, but still good and effective.

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  • I prefer the versions from early on in the Invisible Touch tour, before they dropped the last verse. Oddly, I've never been fond of the performances from the Mama tour, where Phil's attempts to hit the high notes are somewhat comical rather than emotional.

  • Something to add to this thread (although this solo performance won't suite the question perfectly, I'm aware of that)

    Although I saw Genesis in Manchester in 1997, I can't remember anything about the performance of Mama other than being disappointed that they didn't restore the final verse.