What movie have you watched?

  • I re-watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi on DVD a couple of weeks ago.

    I must say, I severely misjudged that film. It's weird that I've gone from deeming it the worst Star Wars movie to really enjoying it and defending it from its detractors. When I first saw it I became really annoyed about the three big twists in the film, but nowadays I've accepted that (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD) Supreme Leader Snoke is already dead, Rey isn't the daughter or granddaughter of a character from a previous Star Wars film, and that it was Luke who drove his nephew, Ben Solo, to the dark side.

    And once I accepted those sudden twists and other aspects of the film, I started to really get into the story of the film, and learn to appreciate all of the weird choices made for the characters. It could have been improved in several ways of course, but it's still a very good one in my opinion. I'd give it an 8/10.

    By the way, I also re-watched the prequels (Episodes I-III) and Rogue One shortly before that. And holy crap, do the prequels look horrible in comparison to Rogue One. Just like with The Last Jedi, I misjudged that film on my first viewing and now I really love it, even though it does take a while to get going. The prequels though? I'm sorry, but I think I'm finally done with them. There are just too many fundamental flaws within them and the CGI no longer impresses me after re-watching RO and TLJ (and of course the magnificent TFA). Even Episode III, which has several awesome action scenes, suffers from a really messy script and really rushed character development for Anakin, and the final battle between him and Obi-Wan goes on way too long.

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    Have a few of Scott Eatwoods movies, though I like Scott. This is probably not his best... Great scenery etc,etc. .. Based on a Psycho in Scott Eastwood thinkng he is married to a Mexican girl, who travels around believing she has been kidnapped.. Very slow and no real substance... Scott is a spitting of his Dad Clint Eastwood... Thought it would be good, but very disappointing.

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  • I was more immediately impressed with The Force Awakens, but The Last Jedi I feel is more rewarding and the better movie.

    Rewatching the prequels...you're a braver person than I! Phantom Menace is a truly dreadful film. Whilst each follow up improved on the last, I tend to pretend they don't exist. Empire is still my firm favourite, then it's too close to call between SW, ROTJ, TFA, and TLJ. As with my list of Genesis records, the order changes regularly!

  • That's funny. "Every word of what you just said was wrong."

  • Rewatching the prequels...you're a braver person than I! Phantom Menace is a truly dreadful film.

    Note that I'm a recent Star Wars convert, getting into the series through The Force Awakens hype train.

    TPM is a pretty bad film indeed, failing on almost every level to tell a basic story. That said, the lightsaber fight at the end remains awesome. The only great thing in the film if you ask me.

    I assumed that, as a Star Wars fan, I "had" to like the prequels, because hey, they're Star Wars movies.... they can't be THAT bad, right?

    In 2015, when The Force Awakens was in cinemas, I received both the original and prequel trilogies for Christmas and watched them in episode order (so TPM to ROTJ). I disliked 1, liked 2, loved 3, wasn't sure about 4, loved 5 and disliked 6. Then I topped it all of with The Force Awakens, which came out on DVD in 2016, and I quite liked it on my first viewing.

    And after multiple rewatches: I dislike 1, 2 and 3, love 4, adore 5, and I think 6 is just okay (although I'd probably more if wasn't for the nightmare that is the "Jedi Rocks" song edit). And as for The Force Awakens? It's my favourite one! :D

  • I didn't want to quote everyone above talking about all of the Star Wars above, but I did want to offer my opinion too. :)

    The original three (Episodes 4, 5, and 6) are of course classics - it's tough for me to pick a favorite because they are three parts of one continuous narrative to me. I will say that, IMHO, people gush far too much over "The Empire Strikes Back" and are far too critical of "Return of the Jedi". Just my opinion, of course - I really like all three films.

    The prequels - well, they're not as good as first three released, but they are not unwelcome either. "The Phantom Menace", as many said above, is easily the worst. (Every time I see/hear/endure Jar-Jar Binks, mee-sa wanna puke! <X ) "Attack Of The Clones" I like - I thought this film got too much abuse too. "Revenge Of The Sith" is the best of the three, but it had to be or there would have been hell to pay. "Rogue One", despite being released more recently, is really another prequel - and it is MUCH better than any of the original prequels - in fact, I'd rate it among the best of all the films so far.

    I was very happy with "The Force Awakens", despite the broad brushstrokes of the plot being very familiar. It was a good modern continuation of the story. "The Last Jedi" I liked, but I didn't love - I preferred "The Force Awakens". I'm hoping the final(?) installment coming in Dec. 2019 will make me appreciate "The Last Jedi" more.

    I'm looking forward to the "Solo" spin-off - if it's anywhere as good as "Rogue One", I'd be very happy.

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  • To be honest not watched a film for a while , I like science fiction or horror .

    Not into horror at all, unless it is a comedy like Young Frankenstein or associated with crime movies.... Love Sci Fi, Crime, Action, Thrillers, Drama's, Mystery and Comedy, plus certain war movies too ( Great Escape, Dam Busters, 633 Squadron, Battle of Britain and Kelly's Hero's) ....